< curated by Ashley Gries >

Photo courtesy of  life unstill photography.

the ADVENTURER has an enviable case of wanderlust.

To each experience, she brings a sense of possibility. She's the first to arrive and the last to leave. She welcomes a challenge and craves the unknown. Her moves are careful and consistent, meant to sustain her perfect life -- where the extraordinary is sought, welcomed, and beloved.

The Adventurer in your life will appreciate gifts that are multi-functional and long-lasting. We recommend: natural sunscreen; a handcrafted leather Passport Cover; a "use for everything" Travel Towel; and small batch Travel Toiletries.


< curated by Debra Cowie >

photo courtesy of  debra cowie .

photo courtesy of debra cowie.

THE foodie has an obsession with the perfect culinary experience.

She treats each meal seriously and purposefully. Always the first to try a new flavor, she shares just as much affection for a meal steeped in tradition and cooked with love. Her choices are passionate and well-researched, meant to nourish her perfect life -- where eating well equals living well.

The Foodie in your life will appreciate gifts that elevate the culinary experience to artisinal heights. We recommend: a Subscription for homemade bread, a hand-sewn Apron, an artisinal Serving Tray, and block-printed linen Napkins.


< curated by Jessie Leiber >

photo courtesy of  mojalvo.

photo courtesy of mojalvo.

THE creative experiences life through her hands and her imagination.

She dreams as often as she plans; plans as often as she creates. Her vision board is constantly being updated, her tool belt consistently being added to. She relies on modernity to assist in the creation of her perfect life -- where traditions are sworn by and creative visions are in charge.

The Creative in your life will appreciate gifts that bridge the gap between modern life and handcrafted traditions. We recommend: handcrafted wood ear buds, creative insignia (Dreamer patch, anyone?), a planning Notebook, and a handy Pouch for tools.


< curated by Katie Lynch



THE literati relishes a quieT moment alone with a book.

Comfortable in her own company, she reads to experience worlds: new and old. She is grounded and confident, sensitive and compassionate. Her identity comes from years of discipline and discernment; she's as apt to solve problems with well-steeped tea as she is adept at giving sage advice.

The Literati in your life will appreciate gifts that honor stillness and create comfort. We recommend: a seasonal Herbal Tea, an eco-fashion Cardigan, a book Subscription Box, and a Scarf that celebrates banned books.


< curated by Lydia Mandell >



THE wellness junkie recognizes the art of self-care.

She seeks healing and vitality from nature and natural elements. Healthy and empowered, she feels deeply and shares passionately. With a toolkit full of positive energy, clean beauty, and restorative ingredients, she maintains her perfect life -- where the flow is given priority over all else.   

The Wellness Junkie in your life will appreciate restorative + sustainable gifts. We recommend: soothing Hydrosol Mist, a smart + beautiful wellbeing tracker, a clean beauty facial mask, and a soothing crystal necklace.

Editor's Note

Photo by walker studios llc.

Photo by walker studios llc.

How do you feel about Holiday Shopping?

Historically, I've felt overwhelmed at the thought of "having to buy" particular presents for particular people. But just about this time last year, I realized something very important: holiday shopping gave me yet another excuse to support the women makers I admire, whose products I love.

This enormous mindset shift in regards to holiday shopping had a long-lasting joyous impact on my overall holiday season. Like any other holiday obligation, purchasing gifts is an opportunity to be intentional.

If this seems like a selfish version of gift-giving, that's because--at it's deepest level--it is! Intentional living, for me, necessitates assessing my own wants and needs prior to acting. When it comes to purchasing a gift, this can get complicated: balancing budget with time with personality of gift receiver with my own shopping tendencies. 

While I don't have a magic wand to hand to you, I do want to share a few lessons learned. 

Start Today

Waiting to the last minute is the antithesis of intentional buying. Also, if you plan on purchasing from small batch makers, their products likely take longer to assemble and ship. Even if you're not yet ready to buy, check your favorite websites and see what their policies are in regards to shipping times for holiday buying.

Make an Impact

One of my favorite ways to "give back" while giving to others is to purchase products from companies that donate a percentage of their profits to charities. This is also great information to include with the gift! Knowing what you've bought is doubly generous allows everyone involved in the transaction to feel more joy.

Buy Small

Whether or not the best things come in small packages, I'm certain the best things come from a small batch maker. Sometimes this means we can't afford to buy as many presents, and that's okay. My favorite gift to receive is that one special item that the giver sought out because they knew how much it would mean to me.

Whether you love wrapping presents, shopping until you drop, or the simple act of giving a gift, I encourage you to stop and consider your own desires for the upcoming holiday season first and foremost. What are your values? What do you need to feel joy? Who will you support this holiday season?

If you set your holiday intentions first, your shopping practices and philosophies will naturally follow suit. 

XOXO, The lee lee
The Perpetual You Managing Editor & Creative Director

p.s. If you're interested in shopping "small batch" this year, I encourage you to visit The Perpetual You Marketplace, where we've curated products by four small batch + conscious makers, customized just for you! Use coupon code CREATE JOY, now through December 24th, for 15% off your entire TPY marketplace order.