The Creativity Seeker is a woman who explores every nook and cranny, with hope, possibility, and ease. With her willingness to learn and love, she discovers new perspectives and stays grounded. Our suggested gifts honor her playful spirit and expansive mindset.

Gifts for the Creative Seeker

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1. Perpetual Journal by PURPOSE Pages; 2. Soothing Skincare by Face/Food Natural Skincare;
3. Orange Adventurine Necklace by Kate Stephen; 4. Cause-Based Sleepwear by OM Pajamas, benefiting Madurai Charitable Trust.

The Inspired Maker is a woman who listens to hear heart and follows her instincts with ease. With her perpetual joyfulness, she is confident and authentic in her art and life. Our suggested gifts honor her craft and dedication, of which the world is in great need.

Gifts for the Inspired Maker

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1. Core Values Banner by the TPY Marketplace; 2. All-Natural Pain Salve by Earthly Remedies by Erin
3. Mala Making Kit by Mera Kulpa; 4. Classic Work Apron by Portland Apron Co.

photo courtesy of  mojalvo.
The Chic Minimalist is a woman who delights in life rooted in simplicity and geared toward ease. With her ultra-focus and mindful presence, she harnesses time and does what she intends. Our suggested gifts honor her clear, concise, and modern aesthetic.

Gifts for the Chic Minimalist

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1. 2018 Mantra Calendar by TPY Marketplace; 2. All-Natural Lipstick by Salty Girl Beauty;
3. Modern + Minimal Necklace by Leocadia K.; 4. Understated Leather Tote by Cuyana.

The Lifelong Wanderer is a woman who adventures relentlessly and travels with ease. With her memoir-worthy life, she exudes confidence and attracts beauty. Our suggested gifts honor her curious outlook, spontaneous nature, and calming aura.

Gifts for the Lifelong Wanderer

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1. Uninhibited Body Butter by Wild Grace; 2. Feel Good Socks by Bombas;
3. Nature-Inspired Necklace by Davine Jewelry; 4. Leather Passport Cover by Red Pen Travelers for the TPY Marketplace.

The Spiritualista is a woman who approaches all aspects of life with vitality, intuition, and ease. With her collective focus and innate confidence, she fully expects to heal the world. Our suggested gifts honor her spiritual side and pay homage to her minimal leanings.

Gifts for the Spiritualista

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1. Cruelty-Free Candle by Alicia's Candles; 2. Nourishing Cowl Neck Scarf by Payne & Comfort;
3. Wishbone Necklace by Tiffany Anne Studios; 4. Intoxicating Aura Mist by Soul Sparkle.

The Intuitive Entrepreneur is a woman who blends all aspects of her life, intentionally and with ease. With an abundant mindset and a flexible outlook, she transforms further every day. Our suggested gifts honor her intuitive approach to business.

Gifts for the Intuitive Entrepreneur

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1. Abundant Mindset Pillow by Casa & Co. for the TPY Marketplace; 2. Herbal Eye Treatment by Norabloom Botanicals;
3. Oil Diffusing Arm Party by Essential Adornment; 4. Ultra-Cozy Live/Work Wear by Cinder + Salt

The Culinary Goddess is a woman who cooks, dances, flows perpetually, and with ease. With her innate talent and stocked cabinets, she is prepared yet flexible. Our suggested gifts honor her modern perspective and timeless sensibilities.

Gifts for the Culinary Goddess

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1. Inspirational Cookbook by One Part Plant; 2. Handcrafted Coffee Mug by Heart Stone Gallery
3. Fair Trade Market Bag by Shop Materia; 4. Instructive Dish Towel by FitStyle by Shana.

Editor's Note

greetings holiday shoppers!

This is my second year putting together a holiday guide for all those of you shopping intentionally and I really enjoyed the process this time around! For one thing, I was able to include products by all of our advertising partners--which makes me happier than a kid on Xmas morn (truly!). Also, I had fun with the categories this year: imagining a profile for the exact person you're shopping for, and capturing that in the name, the description, and--of course--with the products we chose to feature. 

Those of you who know me know how BIG this is--for me to say that I "enjoy" anything holiday-related. Until becoming the editor of The Perpetual You, I would avoid anything having to do with the holidays for as long as possible. I never planned ahead and frequently regretted all my decisions during the post-holiday analysis period. Wow! What a difference a little intentional living can make. Huh?

One of the practices that has brought me closer to being the woman I want to be is shopping from local + small batch makers. I really can't put into words what a joyful action this is; you just have to try it for yourself! If you're ready and willing, read on to find out the 3 ways I've implemented shopping small when purchasing holiday gifts.

stocking stuffers

As soon as the weather turns cool (even if it's a false alarm), I start to pick up little items I know my kids will love at fairs, festivals, and small batch markets. Spreading my purchases out over time allows me to be more intentional and less frazzled, and it also disperses the financial burden of small batch shopping.

  • My favorite stocking stuffers: Bookmarks, Pins or Patches, Socks, and--always--a bar of Fair Trade Chocolate. Oh--and a handful of tea candles makes the stocking smell yummy!!!

secret santa

I often find myself in "obligatory" buying mode when Secret Santa rears its traditional head. Rather than feel resentful, I use this as yet another time in which I get to shop my favorite makers. A box of greeting cards, a pretty bracelet, or a skincare set from my favorite brands (all of which are basically listed in the above guide!) might cost a little more than a $25 Starbucks card; however, purchasing from makers I know and trust brings me more joy, making the added expense worth it.

  • My favorite secret Santa surprises: Print Products such as Calendars, Art Prints, Greeting Cards. Cozy scarves or hats come in a close second place!

special somethings

Searching on Etsy, Food52, or Scoutmob for that perfect gift is a pleasure in which I take great delight. I guarantee it's just as much fun as a trip around the aisles of Target. In the end, I find the exact thing I'm looking for and don't feel obligated to purchase any more than that. Be sure to factor in the cost of shipping and the time it takes for handcrafted items to be produced when shopping for your special loves.

  • My favorite special somethings: jewelry, jewelry, and...well, jewelry! Seriously, you cannot go wrong with handcrafted jewelry. I dare you to prove me wrong!

Thank you friends, for browsing our guide. It means so much to me that you're spending a part of your holiday season hanging out with The Perpetual You!

xoxo, The lee lee
Managing Editor & Creative Director

p.s. If you're interested in shopping "small batch" this year, I encourage you to visit The Perpetual You Marketplace, which includes curated products by four small batch + conscious makers (as well as our own eco-friendly products!). Use coupon code BEMERRY, from December 1st to 15th, for free shipping off any TPY marketplace order over $50.