There are three distinct features of our shopping guide:
- the guide is categorized according to stages of Motherhood, e.g. A pregnant mom or a mom of college-aged children
- the guide features products made for women by women
- the guide includes presents specifically for the MOM, to uplift her life and cater to her desires (Sorry! No vacuum cleaners...)


This year, we've chosen to include four types of products for each category: a natural and/or small batch made Beauty Product; a piece of small batch made Jewelry; a sustainable Clothing Item or fashion accessory; and--last but certainly not least--a small batch and/or organic food, drink, or other Life-Affirming Product
Thanks to all the women who suggested product ideas to us; this guide would not exist without your recommendations!


Click on any product image to be taken to the website of the maker or business, where you can purchase directly. Bear in mind that small batch made items can take longer to be delivered--so plan a couple extra days in your gift-giving schedule! 

Photo courtesy of  cheyenne beverly .

Photo courtesy of cheyenne beverly.

The graceful Sylph is a believer, a dreamer... who doesn't need to fixate on the future to know her dreams will come true. She honors her flexibility and freedom, even while making space for her desire to become a Mom.
Show the Sylph in your life that she is meant to be a mom, with a healthy, wholesome gift: a one-note fragrance; a meditative necklace; a five-free nail polish; and/or a handmade manifesting journal. 

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photo courtesy of  rachel robinson .

photo courtesy of rachel robinson.

The Source is committed, knowing she's fulfilling her destiny. As much as she is growing, she is also nesting, settling down, preparing for one of life's biggest changes.
Pamper the Source in your life with an abundant, comforting gift: a pregnancy-safe facial tonic; an emotionally charged necklace; a down-to-earth kimono; and/or a collection of small batch, Vermont-made granola. 


photo courtesy of  markie jones .

photo courtesy of markie jones.

The ethereal Seraph feels grounded through her new role as caretaker. Even while fixated on the chaos of her day, she floats through life with serenity and peace. 
Honor the Seraph/Mom in your life with gifts that relieve her overwhelm, calm the chaos, and bring ease to her alone time: a sweet-smelling eye pillow; an energy-infused necklace; an easy-to-wear headwrap; and/or a bespoke herbal tea.


photo courtesy of  markie jones .

photo courtesy of markie jones.

The every-ready Sprite arrives when she is needed, armed with activities for any situation and remedies for any mishap.
Empower the Sprite/Mom in your life with gifts that facilitate calm, encourage flexibility, and create ease: a soothing face mask; love-promoting jewelry; a comfy, multipurpose cardigan; and/or an oracle deck that connects her to her sense of self.

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photo courtesy of  sarah annay .

photo courtesy of sarah annay.

The encouraging Sidekick is newly amazed, everyday, by the wonders of her child. Flexible and whimsical, she hands over power as often as she can.
Remind the Sidekick/Mom in your life that she is worthy and special, with gifts that elevate her self-care: a natural body lotion; a child-friendly necklace; a comfy, handmade tee; and/or a gem-infused water bottle.

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Photo courtesy of  laura landau .

Photo courtesy of laura landau.

The thoughtful Sister is totally on the same wavelength as her child. She can provide support as easily as sympathy, and excels at being an impartial sounding board.
Surprise the Sister/Mom with playful gifts that harness energy and promote fun: a luxurious facial kit; mood-enhancing, matching bracelets; an affirmative t-shirt; and/or a relaxing selection of canned wine.  

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photo courtesy of  create her stock .

photo courtesy of create her stock.

The thoughtful Savant is as wise as she is caring. With compassion and communication, she grows her maternal relationships into meaningful friendships.
Celebrate the Savant/Mom with gifts that respect her years of dedication and tomes of wisdom: handcrafted body butter; a ring with a precious stone; a custom-made apron; and/or a long-lasting cover for her favorite journal.

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photo courtesy of  lizzie tilles .

photo courtesy of lizzie tilles.

The steadfast Saint has been here all along. She's overjoyed, now, to be gaining as much from her relationships as she has given all these years.
Elevate the Saint/Mom with gifts that affirm her prominent place in y0ur world: luxurious, restorative skin care; a sculptural necklace; a hand-sewn clutch; and/or small batch olive oil.

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photo courtesy of  casee marie .

photo courtesy of casee marie.

The devoted Star places her loving attention on the loyalist, creating a mutually affirming relationship that brightens both of their lives.
Swoon the Star/Mom of Pets with gifts that pay tribute to the patience, loyalty, and friendship an animal brings: a goat's milk soap set; a necklace that speaks loudly & supports a cause; a hand-stamped key chain; and/or cushions on which to lounge. 

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photo courtesy of  lindsay stanford .

photo courtesy of lindsay stanford.

The life-giving Sunshine forms a bond based on nurture and strength. She knows when to give, and understands when to let be.
Acknowledge the Sunshine/Plant Mom with gifts that honor her lifestyle and aesthetic: botanical perfume; nature-inspired jewelry; handcrafted moccasins; and/or a collection of herbal tea. 

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photo by joanna fisher.

photo by joanna fisher.

Dear Friend,
Thank you for stopping by to visit our Motherhood Gift Guide. Putting together this guide is one of my favorite things to do, and not just because I love shopping! As part of our mission to uplift the lives of women, we are committed to promoting women-owned businesses and small batch makers who are female--and this guide gives us another way to do that.
I know many of the women in this guide personally and those I don't know personally, I have met through my work on the magazine. I stand behind their businesses 100% and I'm happy to introduce you to their aesthetics and beautiful products. Each woman is a wonderful human being who has chosen to spend a portion of her time bettering the lives of other women. 
If you, like me, have been searching for more ways to improve the world, then I wholeheartedly recommend you purchase a Mother's Day gift (for yourself or for someone else!) from a small batch maker. Doing so directly contributes to her wellbeing--and we all know that supporting women also means supporting the families of women, as well as the communities in which they live.
Cheers, and Happy Shopping!   
~ Lee Lee
p.s. I'm so excited to introduce you to our newest product collaboration: zero-waste Mother's Day cards, featuring custom illustration by some of our favorite women artists, printed on plantable paper! Click on the button below to purchase one of these delightful cards. Your mom will love it!!