Artists & Illustrators Wanted

Photo by  Kristyn Miller
The Perpetual You relies on the time + talent of over 30 women in 4+ countries in order to publish our beautiful monthly magazine and companion blog. We seek with artists of all types in order to add the finishing touches that make our magazine so special.
Below are some opportunities currently available.


A theme-specific piece of yours featured in our magazine. Browse our upcoming themes here.

A Q&A interview with you on our blog, accompanied by one or more piece of your visual artwork and/or poetry.


Inclusion of your hand-drawn icons in our three feature articles.

Use of an original pattern as our section dividers for a month.

UPCOMING: Print Collaborations.


Use of your hand-lettering or calligraphy for titles, subtitles, section dividers, or the back cover of our magazine.

UPCOMING: Print Collaborations.

In place of monetary compensation, we'll promote your work faithfully, among our social networks and on our social media channels. If you're interested in collaborating in any of the above ways, fill out our contact form and include a link to your professional website.
If you'd like to discuss a print collaboration, please check out our shop FIRST and then fill out our contact form with a link to your professional website.