Now Accepting Blog Submissions!

The Perpetual You believes women have everything inside of them to have a life of Ease, Wealth, Fun, and Joy. Our blog offers companion material to the monthly magazine we publish that encourages women to choose, embrace, unleash, and celebrate their perpetual selves.  
We accept blog post submissions* on positive lifestyle practices, intentional home design, and mindful soul-searching habits. We are interested in receiving: proposals for original blog posts; completed, but unpublished blog posts; as well as completed blog posts that are hosted elsewhere but that you have permission to re-post.  
Please read our submission criteria (below) very carefully to ensure your proposal and/or post has the best chances of being accepted.  Please also review our upcoming themes prior to submission, as those are the posts we are most interested in publishing at this time.  If you're sending us a blog post already published on another blog (whether your own or someone else's), please identify it as such and include the link.
We recognize that writing and blogging are highly valuable skills. In lieu of monetary compensation, The Perpetual You promises to promote your website, business, blog, or brand throughout each month that you collaborate with us. Because we value your time and talent, we ask that you spend no more than 5 hours per month  collaborating with us, whether working on a submission to our blog or actively promoting said blog post.
*If you’re interested in writing for our online monthly magazine, check out our current writing opportunities!

  • Brand-specific 

We promise to take every submission seriously, with a keen eye as to our mutual compatibility. In addition to being familiar with our magazine content, you should read through the following descriptors of our brand content to be sure your viewpoint is aligned with our values. 

Personal + Positive.  Our target market is being inundated by negative and/or watered-down content all day long!  Contrarily, we offer experiences that uplift the reader, speak to her personally, and relate to her shared emotional desires. 

Honest + Sensitive.  Like all women, our ideal reader both desires and deserves respect. She may also be in a period of transition, physically or emotionally; we seek to appreciate both where she is and where she wants to be, and acknowledge that of this journey is both challenging & rewarding.

Bohemian + Inclusive. Our content is steeped in the long tradition of women helping women. We value the transfer of generational knowledge & the blessing of collective experiences; however, we respectfully challenge any outdated, prejudicial, political, or damaging ideas of what women should be, do, or say.

Lush + Sophisticated. Our brand's appeal is in its beautiful and luxurious portrayal of women who are sophisticated, yet soulful. We believe that women can have Ease, Fun, Wealth, and Joy in their lives, and every piece of content we publish--whether visual or written--reinforces this value.

  • Polished

Whether a proposal (~250 words) or a full blog post (500-750 words), your written submission should have an identifiable voice, structure, and theme that are unique to you.  At the same time, we expect blog content to be as polished as our magazine content. As does our reader!

Writing is re-writing, friend. Please read through your submission prior to sending it to us. Typos, misspelled words, grammatical errors, and inadvertent lack of punctuation get in the way of your writing. Read your piece out loud--does it sound like the best possible version of you? Then, it's ready to go!

We are more likely to accept submission that make sense with the structure and content of our magazine. The following areas of interest are particularly relevant to our reader: 

~Intentional Living: Food & Cocktail Experiences; Style & Beauty Tips; Travel & Adventure; Wellness & Movement; Makers & Products.

~Intentional Home Design: Designers & Processes; Design Selections; Renovating & Remodeling; Home Styling; Accessorizing.

~Intentional Relationships: Self/Body Love; Personal/Social Relationships; Women Helping Women; Women in {Modern} Society.


If your submission is chosen for publication, we will contact you with an agreement detailing our policies and expectations for women with which we collaborate. Generally, this includes: our management of the content, including our right to edit, re-post, and share on your behalf.; our expectation that you will promote the content with your particular audience, fans, email lists or followers; our commitment to promoting your brand, blog, or business using our social networks and social media resources.

To submit a proposal to us, please send an email to
To submit a blog post to us, please send an email to and include either: the FULL BLOG POST within the body of the email; a link to the post's location in Dropbox or some other online file program; OR a link to the post where it is currently published.
If you have original photos you'd like to submit with your proposal or blog post, please upload them to an online file sharer or gallery program and include the link with your submission.
Thanks! We look forward to collaborating with you!