Series 4 THEMES

The Perpetual You is currently accepting submissions to our companion blog. We publish between 8 & 10 posts each month that serve as companion pieces to our magazine articles. The themes for the next four months are listed below.
If you would like to submit a blog post one one of the below themes, please read our submission guidelines first.

  • August 2016 - Create EASE by Choosing Collaboration

Finding the right life partner is difficult enough, how do we find the women we want to work with? From trust issues to negative connotations of compromise to the social mythology that strong women "do it all," we have a lot of mental roadblocks when it comes to collaborating. On the flipside, there's an undercurrent of collaboration in the businesses and brands being created. We want YOU to tap into that.  True connection comes when we open ourselves up completely; when we tell the world we are ready for input; when we reach out and make the first move. While nurturing others might be something we're conditioned to do, supporting a friend who is succeeding where you aren't or liking a picture on Instagram that's prettier than any of yours calls for an entirely new level of courageous engagement. The great news? When we focus on community and collaboration over competition, everyone comes out a winner. Our magazine is proof enough of that. :)


  • September 2016 - Create WEALTH by Embracing Generosity

We flip the calendar page to September and something deep within us shouts "more, more, more." New clothes, new friends, new requirement, new weather patterns. Some days the only way to stop the madness is just to give in and buy that $100 Bento lunchbox. What if we countered instead with intentional generosity? What if we gave our communities only what is in our power to give, and our families only what we know they really need? Countering the season of acquisition with mindfulness and gratitude can empower us to enjoy the change in season, to focus on a variety of opportunities, and even to appreciate the new routine. Soon everyone will be settled in; for now, embrace this month for what it truly is: the cusp of the season of expansion - in which inspiration is free for the taking, ideas are hatching daily, and independence is shining seductively on the horizon. 


  • October 2016 - Create FUN by Unleashing Vulnerability

There's strength in numbers; happiness is the best medicine; let go and let God... these cliches, whether true or not, don't begin to speak to the authentic soul-searching that accompanies a diagnosis of Breast Cancer (or any other type of cancer!). How does a woman live her "true life" when she's no longer in charge? How do we have fun when dealing with pain every single day? There are no simple answers. Some days we turn inward and focus on self-care; some days we call up some gal pals and live it up. Support, sincerity, and strength from those around us can go a long way to making the burden of our diagnosis feel less heavy; does that means it's fun to have cancer? Heck, No. But the two are not mutually exclusive. Forget the "politics of pink" and put away the sentiments of well-wishers.  Just be there for each other, and take care of each other. We'd be surprised if a little fun didn't happen along the way.


  • November 2016 - Create JOY by Celebrating Grace

Want to know a secret? The "small stuff" -- that stuff you're not supposed to worry about -- those things do matter. In an intentional life, everything that happens has meaning; every action requires purpose. For you can only celebrate what brings you joy if you are paying attention. How else to notice an incremental shift in mindset; to enjoy a sliver of sunlight; to acknowledge a "hello" from someone passing your way...? Figuring out what small actions you can take to bring joy into your life is our definition of Grace because those feelings then trickle down to the lives of those you're around. From small plates to small packages, we're encouraging you to slow down and take stock of what matters - whether you're entertaining or being entertained.