Intern for The Perpetual You!

As a collaborative and completely online publication, The Perpetual You has many opportunities to offer a student or someone in the middle of a career shift.  Detailed below are some specific needs we have, but we are open to pursuing any avenue that will help you reach the future you've set out for yourself.  Drop us an email or fill out our contact form with any ideas!

Our Managing Editor is a woman who wears many hats, from overseeing all content for the magazine to dreaming up new ways for our brand to pursue its mission.  Countless opportunities exist for a self-starter who enjoys working virtually and communicating honestly. 

For example, we are currently in the planning stages of several new ventures: a stylized photoshoot, a collaborative product line, and a cross-promotional blog like no other.  Each of these requires careful oversight and relentless energy that no one person can realistically possess.  An editorial assistant might take over communications or handle the research required, for one or more of these ventures.

Honestly, the sky is the limit where assistance is concerned! We are more than happy to work with you, your particular set of skills, and your desired gains in order to make this collaboration a useful one for all parties involved. We are also more than willing to work with your school's administration* to help you earn credit for your time at The Perpetual You. 


If you are interested in graphic design, there's no better place to start than with an online magazine.  Virtually all of our communication requires an artistic eye combined with design expertise. From assisting with our social media graphics in a program like Canva to being assigned one or more spreads to lay out in InDesign*, we offer a great variety of opportunities and a wealth of feedback to assist you in becoming the designer you want to be.

The candidates we feel will gain the most from working with us are those women who are starting out in the desktop publishing business and need real world industry experience.

*Access to Adobe Creative Cloud & Dropbox is preferred


The Perpetual You is at the very beginning of its "website" journey and we welcome any assistance in forging this path.  Whether you're technically inclined or just want to learn how to use all the tools Squarespace has to offer, we are interested in discovering how we can help each other.  

In particular, we are looking for an intern to manage the creation of our companion blog, which contains supplemental material to our online magazine. If you have been blogging for some time and would like to take that experience and multiply it times 1000, then this is the chance for you to do so!


The Perpetual You exists because of the generosity of collaborators from all walks of life: small batch makers; creative copywriters; lifestyle photographers; professional coaches... this list is exponential.  Without these women, our magazine would not exist.  

Because of this, we have made a commitment to assist these coaches & creatives in their own public relations journeys. We desire to promote their work, not because it helps our magazine become more well-known but because we truly believe in the quality of their content.  We aspire to be the "Angie's List" for the collaborative economy.

In order to do this, we need a unique liaison--someone who enjoys promoting others, yes, but who also has the instincts to help others promote themselves.  We seek to grow our community organically, steadily, and responsibly; and to lead the way in each of these regards. This opportunity calls for a true pioneer someone who sees the world of marketing for what it can be, not what it currently is.

While training those with minor experience can often be seen as a hassle and is pretty much always a leap of faith, each of us at The Perpetual You has gotten to be where we are by learning from and emulating the experts whom we've been fortunate to know.  We soak up knowledge every chance we get and are more than happy to pass along whatever we know to those coming after.  If you want to be a part of our movement--even if you have no idea what you could possibly offer--contact us anyway.  There's an abundance of responsibility to be shared on this exciting journey!
*We generally expect volunteers to commit to 5 hours per month. If your school requires more (or less) than this, we will adjust our expectations accordingly.

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