April Playlist: One Day, Someday, Today

Possibility means sometimes saying yes, sometimes saying no AND checking in with yourself prior to answering at all. To facilitate all your major entrepreneurial decisions--whether day to day or long term--we've put together a playlist of ease-filled songs by our favorite big dreamer artists.

Check out the entire playlist here:  One Day, Someday, Today. Or, get a sampling of our favorites by reading today's bog.

the yeah yeah yeah song

by The Flaming Lips

"It's a very dangerous thing to do exactly what you want...", huh? Methinks this song doth protest too much! Of course, we know what to do with our power. And, okay, maybe it's dangerous in the thrilling, exciting, repeat this phrase over and over again kinda way. But it's also AWESOME. So get out there and do it!


by Seinabo Sey

Anytime we get a chance to recommend Seinabo Sey's lovely voice to our readers, we will surely do it. We feel that all of her music is so 'in the moment' that you can't go wrong, but this particular song--with its insistence on moving on juxtaposed so poignantly with the desire to hold on--displays the exact mood so many of us have when we sit down to make decisions for the day. We're not fools. Are you?

alive tonight

by Grace Potter

By Potter's own admission, this song is about embracing #allthethings, which is so often what we want to do. We've no problem with a little high-fiving and dance party when successes do come - and this song makes the perfect backdrop for that. Here's to hoping we can feel alive every day and every night--even when we're waiting patiently for something good to show up.


by The Strokes

Because: sometimes you just need to revel in the good old days and have yourself a good old cry. And because we love The Strokes.

one day

by Matisyahu

In many ways, this song could be our theme song here at The Perpetual You. If there's anything we blieve in, it's to not get drowned in negativity. No way. Some days that takes the help of friends and knowing you're not alone; some days  it takes whopping amounts of faith and self-love. Either way, this is the song to play when that moment comes.

Huge props to all the artists on this month's playlist for all their reminders--to dream big and slow down; to say yes or not today; to check in with your heart or showcase your power.  Ready to find your theme song? Give the entire playlist a listen here.