3 Books to Bring You Collaboration + Ease

Collaboration. It is a beautiful, ease-filled word, but many of us end up blocked from achieving it at one time or another. As a result, we may feel lonely, hurt, or disconnected. Not to mention even busier. Whatever it is that initially causes the rift, the question soon becomes:  How can we cross that bridge and get back to a place of joyful collaboration with others, in a way that brings more ease into our life? 
august books

Meaningful connection takes consistent effort and bucket loads of kindness. The following collaboration-themed book recommendations focus on how to create big and beautiful things in the company of other flawed and fabulous humans.

sisterhood everlasting (Pub 2011) 

The fifth in the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants series, the sweet novel Sisterhood Everlasting, picks up the story ten years and many changes later. In this continuation, time and adult commitments have strained a once closer-than-blood sisterhood, and now these four friends must figure out how to repair their connections and continually foster friendship, even as they build very separate lives. Anyone who has ever been displaced from loved ones by miles, emotions, or even time, will greatly appreciate Ann Brashares' sweet summertime story. And don’t worry, you don’t have to have read the other books in the series to relish in the joys of this one!

the creative family

If you're caring for a young family, then Amanda Soule Blake’s The Creative Family is your golden ticket. This how-to gem encourages getting messy, imaginative, and inspired with the entire gang, and contains craft projects that are engaging for adults and little ones alike. Written by a mother who has spent plenty of time exploring her own creativity, this book was made for vanquishing all forms of August boredom. Read the book but want a greater taste of Amanda Soule Blake’s style? Visit Soule Mama blog. 

maggie now

The sweet summer classic, Maggie-Now, by Betty Smith, is one of my personal favorites.  The story is all about family collaboration and pooling together during the rough spells. After the death of her mother, the still school-aged Maggie Moore must raise her baby brother and run the household, while her flawed and prickly father takes a backseat to parenthood. As the story unfolds, Maggie learns how to mitigate the waters of womanhood, including strong personalities, familial idiosyncrasies, and major disappointments. Despite these challenges, the home she builds is strong, warm, and loving - and exemplifies the importance of community in a happy life.

The range of material, genres, and themes shows just how rich the field of collaboration-focused books is. Have you read any of them? If so, which is your favorite? If not, which will you choose?

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