Be Ready: Trusting in Your Next Transformation

Being ready for transformation and trusting yourself go hand-in-hand. 
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The greatest aspect of staying ready for transformation that I have experienced has been to know and trust yourself more than anything else.. This doesn’t mean you’re inflexible or unwilling to change your mind about things (in fact, you will have to!) -- only that you’re guided by your intuition as to what the next experience you’ll receive is by knowing what feels off, and then trusting and being in complete surrender to that transformation.

In my career in Marketing and Sales, I’ve had three distinct experiences that have led to my next transformation, and it has taught me to trust myself and continually stay in surrender, ready for my next transformation. I cannot know what the future will look like, and I’ve come to understand that it’s not about figuring out the details. but about trust and surrender.

The first experience I had was working in a company where the products were not always reliable. They weren’t terrible, and were certainly fairly priced, but they were not high quality products.

As a marketer, I had a hard time “not lying” about the product, while also doing my job and fulfilling what I had contracted to do. Time and time again, we faced time-consuming experiences that involved solving product quality issues that showed me it wasn’t worth it, investment-wise, to not have a high quality product.

The second career experience I had, I worked in sales for a company that had an extremely high quality product, triple checked by higher authorities for quality control. I was glad that everything I said about the product would be truthful. However the feeling that something was not quite right returned when we were being pushed beyond reasonable limits to force sales in a desperate way.

I believed greatly in the product in a deep, personal way - it had deep significance for me, and I knew the impact it could have on the world if we led with that inspiration. Still, being pushed to use manipulative sales tactics that were not always true just so we could make sales happen meant we were feeding off people’s insecurities to make sales happen, and I refused.

While still being the salesperson with the second highest sales in the company, I left after a discussion with the founder about why I disagreed with the way he led the business being solely focused on money, and with his decision to begin using commission to “motivate” us to sell more.

At times, all of this was truly very difficult. I felt very wronged for my beliefs, but I knew deep down that I would never sacrifice my authenticity just to make money. This is why I would share today to be in surrender of your next transformation, as it always shows up when you are ready for it.

In my third experience, I worked for a leading-edge tech start-up as Director of Sales. This company had a fantastic product that was continually improved upon, and it was led by a vision to impact education, and held true opportunity to move forward. No one really ever thought to stop improving the product or twist the function of the product to make more people buy. What we were looking to accomplish was clear, and I directed the sales efforts to match that vision.

When I look back and connect the dots, I’m always in awe and appreciation about how all of the details matched up together. That each time I said no to one thing, the solution was already created, and that I would, in a few months’ time, move towards it and become it. 

The other interesting fact was that in each instance I protested for what I believed in, they all told me that what I was looking for was impossible, when the next experience would prove that it was completely possible. When I look at this today, it’s clear to me that yes, it was impossible - to them and their beliefs. Otherwise they would have done it in that way.

That’s what being ready for transformation means to me. Being ready to surrender your beliefs for new ones that match what your intuition is telling you. Often, figuring out what we truly stand for is easier once we've experience the opposite. 

I often say, the only thing I desire today is to be in continual surrender to what my next transformation is going to be. I know it is a continuous journey that will uplift the world - both at large and my own. And I can honestly say that I am thrilled and enthralled by the opportunity to be a part of whatever comes next.

Catt Kaizen is a marketing consultant and copywriter for companies with a powerful vision. She has been working in marketing and sales in the start-up industry for the past three years and has seen the power of the right marketing message in carrying the vision of a company. Catt currently is lives in Taipei, Taiwan, and has also lived in Milan, Italy, as well as Los Angeles, California. Her ability to intuitively sense and extract deeper visions of a company comes from her experience living and adapting into many different cultures. She enjoys feeling at home wherever she travels, and spends her free time playing badminton with her family on the weekends.
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