Celebrate October: How I've Appreciated a Month of Slowing Down

October is the month to sit back, enjoy a quieter life, and savor the changing season.
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October has always been one of my favorite months. As a teen, there were no tests or mass amounts of homework. As a mom, school schedules have settled in and the kids have begun to adjust. As a photographer, wedding season slows down and gears shift towards shorter family and senior sessions. October brings us cooler weather, comfort food, and a general feeling of curiosity.

The cooler weather allowed us to bring out the knee boots, skinny jeans, big sweaters and ear warmers and all those cozy accessories we can’t get away with during the summer months. In fact, I bought a new pair of knee boots just before writing this article. As a Pacific Northwest girl, I have a closet full of crochet and knitted accessories that are too warm for spring and summer, but perfect for holding a hot mug and watching the sun rise on crisp fall mornings. 

Baked goods, mugs of warm beverages, and crock pot meals were abundant this month. Once October hits, air-popped popcorn drizzled with homemade caramel sauce becomes a special nightly thing at my house. (Our favorite caramel sauce recipe is here: and my favorite vegan caramel sauce is here.

In my opinion, pumpkin and apple pies are far more delicious than the summer berry pies, even though I grew up in the Rhubarb Capitol of the World. While I don’t drown myself in the drink, I do enjoy a good pumpkin spice latte once in a while--though the salted caramel drinks are by far my favorites. 

October was a month of beautiful transitions. The speed of summer slowed down, the colors changed from bright greens to an abundance of reds, oranges, yellows, and browns. Children bundled up to head outside and discover the joys of jumping in crunchy leaves, smelling the coming rain in the air, and listening to the breeze knock leaves off trees.

Families transitioned to indoor togetherness from hectic scattering for outdoor activities. Some of us picked and decorated pumpkins for the coming holidays, while others took the chance to snuggle under blankets, reading and enjoying quiet time with loved ones. With everyone adjusted to the new schedule, we didn't need to meet new resolutions or expectations.

October was a month to sit back, enjoy a quieter life, and savor the one month where I’m not rushed to plan anything. How have you spent October?

Text + Photos by Markie Lynne Jones
Markie is a PNW Wedding photographer and mother to two adorable little fireball girls and two rather overactive dogs who loves to find new adventures around the Bonney Lake area. She enjoys photographing intimate engagement sessions and weddings throughout the Greater Seattle Area.
Connect with her on Instagram at @markiejonesphotographyllc.