Chemical Reaction: Connecting Consciously to Others

Essentially, we are all feeding our energy from one another. We are all different liquors being mixed together to create some yummy combination -- or a combination that leaves us with a hang over!

Someone once told me we are all chemical reactions. It reminded me of all the colorful swirls on your computer screen when music is playing. Every time the beat changes, so do the swirls. I like think that that is what our reactions with others look like on the inside.

Think about a concert, where everyone is feeling the vibes of the music. People start dancing. You have to speak loud in people's ear just to hear them. You have to move your body in closer to have a conversation. That is creating different reactions in your body.

How about a baseball game? When the game is slow you might be slumped in your seat chatting about things going on in your life. When the game picks up and the batter hits a home run, you then start yelling with excitement and so does your friend. Or when the mascot comes out and starts to do ridiculous dances and pranks so that you can't control your laughter. Every feeling that we feel is another reaction.

Every feeling that we feel is another reaction.

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How about church? Everyone bows their head to pray or meditate. That connection between God and the universe is intensified by the energy in the room. We feel more connected, and become more peaceful and open to conversation. If you believe there is a higher power, you feel validation from the people who believe and feel the same.

What about all of your first dates? Remember all the butterflies in your tummy? Were you nervous that you didn't know what to say? Or did you talk so much so you didn't feel as nervous? Did you instantly connect? Why or Why not?

Remember the moment you first met your baby and you felt like you were holding a miracle? Then the baby is two and you're wondering if you can ever be organized again. Then the child turns five and you get to see all the wonderful art work he or she brings home from school. As the child grows, your relationship shifts because you have an effect on each other.

What about when you're watching your children play and laugh with other kids and their siblings? That makes you feel proud and excited for them to have social skills. The fact that they are enjoying themselves and receiving pleasure makes you feel joy.

How about the one person that you really don't like? Whenever you see this person, you just kind of shut down. You don't want to share yourself and they make you feel guarded. This particular person may have caused unnecessary pain in your life. Then, one day, there is a shift in your interaction with them, you change you mind about that person and can feel a sense of peace around them.

If you were a cocktail, what kind would you be? A spicy Fireball that lights people up? Or a dry martini on the rocks: simple and straight to the point? The type of cocktail you are isn't as important as knowing what type of cocktail you are. Knowing how your behavior can cause others to act or react.

If you were a cocktail, what kind would you be?

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Become aware of how your body language and interactions affect people around you. Take a look at how energy is created between individuals, families, friends, strangers, and groups. Enjoy how your energy creates different shifts in energy with those around you. 

This blog is edited and reprinted from Ashley's website. Read the original here.

Ashley Harkey is a Strategic Intervention Coach who believes that happiness comes from yourself and what you can give to people. You can get in touch with her at Ashley or on Facebook.