Choose Wonder: How To Stay Young Forever

One of the signs of passing youth is the birth of a sense of fellowship with other human beings as we take our place among them.
— Virginia Woolf
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As a recent convert to fairly normal societal routines, I sometimes wish society wasn’t SO civil. I wish there was more room for curiosity and less expectation of certainty. I wish we were all a little more comfortable with wandering, and being in wonder.

And then there’s the reality that I’m expected to be the wonder-maker, not the wonder-experiencer. I’m the ADULT in the room, the responsible one, the mama bear. My kids expect—and rightly so—that I know where things are and what things mean.

Somehow, all of this ‘becoming an adult’ overshadowed my ability – my need, actually – to not know. I’m supposed to be in charge and I feel uneasy if I’m not the most knowledgeable, well-prepared, and well-behaved person in the room. I’m handing down a legacy of certainty and stability, but at what cost?

I want my children to know that creativity and curiosity are so much more fulfilling than control.

Creativity and curiosity are so much more fulfilling than control.

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Does that mean that being in a state of wonder is easy? No, not in a culture as results-driven as ours. Choosing wonder, however, can create a sense of Ease.

In wonder, there is illusion – a belief that things aren’t always what they seem, nor should they be.
In wonder, there is imagination – faith that anything is possible and, more importantly, that nothing is IMpossible.
In wonder, there is innocence – a hope that dreams will be fulfilled and adventures will be fulfilling.

If I could wrap up anything in the world and stick it under the tree with a big red bow and my kids’ names written on it in big green letters, I would choose this:

W  O  N  D  E  R.

Responsibility will always be there. Security and maturity are just a normative step away. But wonder…? Wonder we have to fight to retain.

I implore you: cuddle a few minutes after bedtime tonight; and, when you wake up, refuse to believe it’s cold enough outside to wear a jacket. Forget the real world and play in one of your own choosing. Create, live, dream, dare…take. the. risk.…sleep late or get up early…call a friend unexpectedly…write a love note…drink the extra beer…slow down…look up…invite the stranger in…Believe.

Stay young.

Create ease.

Choose wonder, and all that it entails.


Lee Lee

Blog Images courtesy of Sunlit Air Creations.
Taylor is an award-winning artist, a photographer and writer, interested in Transcendental thought, Reiki, astrological birth charts, and creating. She holds a B.A. in English with a minor in philosophy. You can find her running barefoot alongside her toddlers, surrounded by acres of country cows, clucking chickens, and weeping oak trees on their farm. Connect with her on Instagram @sunlit.air.mama.