Designers, Writers, & Stylists Desired

Slideshow images taken by the amazing ladies of Walker Studios, LLC, as featured in Volume I of The Perpetual You magazine.

The Perpetual You relies on collaborative efforts to be successful & to produce a quality-filled magazine, in both images and content.  The DWELL section of our magazine is no exception to this rule; we are constantly on the lookout for interior designers, home renovation bloggers, DIY-ers, home contractors, and photographers whose work speaks to the intentional design spirit our DWELL section possesses.
We have a variety of opportunities for anyone interested in collaborating with us on a Dwell piece. See below for specific opportunities. We also have a companion blog and would love to feature your home renovation or DIY project there. (View our blog post submission guidelines here.)


The DWELL section consists of three articles, ranging in content, word count, and purpose.  If you are a practicing designer, an aspiring designer, or a homeowner who loves to design, we can match you with the perfect theme & article. Send us an email with "Dwell Guest Writer" in the subject line, and include a proposal that tells us the specific project you'd like to write about. (You can view our upcoming themes here.) Photos or a link to your IG feed are preferred.


In our DWELL feature article, we seek to tell the story of homeowners or renters who are currently or have recently re-designed, remodeled, or renovated at least 3-4 rooms in their home AND who have or would like to write about this experience from a personal perspective.  This article requires a blend of reflection (of the design process) and discussion (of the design elements); as such, it is not a "how to" or a typical home magazine article!

You do not have to be a professional writer to be considered for this spread, only willing to think about your design aesthetic from the intentional design perspective.  You also do not need to have professional photographs of your space; we collaborate with photographers across the world and will assist you in finding someone willing to travel to your home.

This spread includes several companion components that will be discussed if/when we begin our collaboration. To be considered, send us an email with "Dwell Feature" in the subject line, and include a proposal that tells us about you, your family, your design aesthetic, and the dwelling you'd like to write about. Photos or a link to your IG feed are preferred.


The Perpetual You is on a mission to have 100% of our photos be original, non-stock images. To realize that intention, we have partnered with photographers across the country willing to volunteer their time & talent in exchange for us promoting their work.  As part of this effort, we require stylists from time-to-time to assist in stylized photo shoots and/or to collaborate virtually in regards to color palettes, home design products, and image hunting.

If you are looking to break into the world of stylized photography, this opportunity is one you will want to pursue! Whether collaboraing in person or online, our stylists have the chance to work with noted & talented photographers, editors, and designers--in addition to working alongside our managing editor, a talented designer and stylist in her own right!  To be considered, send us an email with "Dwell Stylist" in the subject line, and include a 250-word proposal that tells us about you, your experience, and your interests. Photos or a link to your IG feed are preferred.


By its very nature, our DWELL section is heavily depedent on beautiful, original, and unique images of the home setting.  We offer a variety of collaborative opportunities, from the chance to be one of our contributing photographers, to work with one of our dwell writers one-on-one, or to participate in stylized photo shoots, consisting of home & product photography.

To be considered, send us an email with "Dwell Photographer" in the subject line, and include your experience, your location, and a link to your IG feed or professional website. You can also check out our general photography collaboration policies post.


Love home design AND writing, but don't have any projects going on at the moment? We are also looking for editors & ghost writers for our Dwell section. For more about this opportunity, read our Editors Needed post.