Perspectives on Wonder

December starts a new series for our magazine, which means a whole new set of TPY Perspectives Panelists! Read on to meet our panelists, find out about their backgrounds + philosophies, and hear their answer to our December question: When was the last time your breath was taken away?

When was the last time your breath was taken away?

My breath was taken away just yesterday. I was stressing about having to do a light brand change and I was anxious about all the things that must be done asap. I was also worried about mentioning it to my partner- I was worried he would say- "Ah- more work...." But instead, he said, "This is so exciting!"
This moment took my breath away and {eased my anxiety immediately}. First, I felt the most supported I have ever felt by a man. Second, his kind words melted away every single bit of anxiety I felt. Third, I am positive he is my person! It's these little messages that life sends you to let you know all is well. When we slow down, we see, hear and feel them. 

Holly Green is the zesty entrepreneur and owner of Norabloom Botanicals and Beauty Lounge. She is a skin care expert, esthetician, certified oncology esthetician, makeup artist, semi pro baker, & homemaker. Holly takes pride in the development and quality of her signature skin care line, Norabloom Botanicals, and loves sharing her simple, wholesome beauty routine. She's thrilled that her small boutique brand is well received by her local community & many beauty editors, and is quickly rising to the top. 

The last time my breath was taken away was a simple evening with my daughter. I said, "E, let's make vision boards tonight." She declined, but followed me around as I was doing this activity anyway; I collected poster board, markers, magazines, scissors, and glue. I set them all over the kitchen table and counter. She decided this idea was, in fact, a good one, and set upon cutting, drawing, and pasting too. We talked and laughed; and after a couple of hours, we both shared our vision boards.
Her board was so inspirational. At 11 years old, she had drawn hearts in a rainbow of colors with the words--I am amazing, look how awesome I am, wisdom, someone worth watching, a picture of Paris and Italy--and she'd cut out a big red heart and written, "I love me." I sat back and thought, Wow--she has such a wonderful sense of self--real confidence. This little girl is already changing the world.

Gwendolyn Gardner is the owner of the yummy, funny organic clothing line Simply Chickie, for babies, toddlers, and women. A made-in-the-USA, Union made brand, Simply Chickie wishes to inspire people to not only pay attention to what they put in their body, but on their body. They've been featured in Parent's Magazine, Green Child, Cape Cod Life,, Trash to Couture, and Gift Shop Magazine. They like to say: Spread world peace. Wear your love and laughter.

I have to share my experience on the NYC subway just a few days ago. My heart was tight post-election and I was quietly watching the world more than I usually do. I stepped onto the 1 train and found a seat. About two stops along my journey a mother of Asian background stepped on with her two daughters. They were getting themselves settled when the train lurched forward and one of the girls was taken by surprise.
A young black man clad in a leather jacket and jeans, who previously had a look of complete and unfazed cool on his face, reached out to ensure the girl did not fall. Simultaneously, the gentlemen across from me, who appeared of latin decent, offered his seat to the mom and/or the girls. The mom declined and he turned to me and shrugged. We smiled at each other in acknowledgment and when I turned back to the young black man his look of cool crossed his face again, but this time there was a hint of softness, too.
It seemed the entire subway car had rallied to protect these two young girls. Where previously we had all been in our own worlds traveling to our destinations in silence, we were now united somehow. There was no divide, there was no anger - as sometimes happens when folks get knocked around on the subway. Instead, there was openness and support. It was small, but my heart cracked open a bit more. I sat in wonder at what is possible in this world. Difference in background or race or age do not have to divide us. Love is possible. 

Kelsey Fox Bennett, M.Ed., is an educator, author, healer and movement specialist. Her blend of educational kinesiology, essential oils, and mindfulness help to accelerate healing, reduce stress and reconnect both brain and body. Kelsey sees magic everywhere and cultivates safety through play - two superpowers she’ll happily teach you to have as well! Connect with her at

My breath was taken away while looking at colors of the sunset last night/early evening from my kitchen window. 
I've never quite lost my child like fascination with rocks, leaves, and other similar objects. My favorite thing to do at Christmas time is to sit and look at the lights on my tree. Looking at the uniqueness of the snowflakes and frost patterns on the window. Taking time to wrap myself in the reason I personally celebrate Christmas, and to reconnect with my childhood wonder and joy.

A self-proclaimed dysfunctional perfectionist, Sarah Bachelder is learning to accept and embrace life as is. She seeks the beauty and vulnerability of living in daring imperfection. After watching her oldest son battle Leukemia, Sarah believes passionately that we humans are capable of thriving in all circumstances. You can visit her at

Believe it or not, my breath gets taken away quite often. With two young children I am blessed with opportunities to see life through their eyes- excitement, intrigue, innocence and joy.
My most favorite breath-taking moment is when we first step onto the sandy beaches and ground ourselves in the sand. Looking out onto the ocean waves, the vastness of the Sky and appreciating the glory and beauty of Mother Earth. That is what I call gloriously magnificent and wondrous.

Natalie Sager is the Modern Hippie Mama with HeWeLoHa Wellness. HeWeLoHa is a groovy acronym for Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness. Her mission is to educate, inspire and empower Mamas to take control of their health so that they can then create a ripple effect in their families, friends, community, and beyond.

Recently, my husband and I came home from a nice dinner out.  One of our two golden-doodles greeted us at the door, while the other one was nowhere to be found.  I ran upstairs calling "lance, lance" - nothing.  My husband ran downstairs - nothing.  I made my way up to the renovated attic, open the closed door (which I had left open), to find my scared little puppy, sitting in the dark.  
In this fear, there was also wonder ... curiosity in what he was doing and how had he locked himself in this room, and  also wonder about the mystical world ... in our 107 year old house - are there spirits alongside us? Were these spirits playing with lance and in their play the door shut and latched? The fear brought me back to a place of wonder and fantasy. I believe it's events like these that cause a pattern to interrupt which help us pause and sit in wonder.

Ashley Maina believes that when a women is turned on (to life!), everything shifts; relationships deepen, happiness & fulfillment is restored, and a sense of wholeness is attained. After working for GE throughout Tokyo, London, Italy, and the U.S., she moved into the world of yoga, holistic health, personal growth and happiness.  Through this transition, she became a mastery-level certified coach through the Transformational Coaching Method. Ashley’s mission is to empower women to heal old beliefs, tap back into their personal power so that they become the creator of their life, and step fully into who they want to be without guilt. Ashley has helped many strengthen their sense of inner trust, heal and release limiting beliefs, and gain conviction and clarity around what they want and how they want to feel. Connect with her at


A few weeks ago on a Thursday, my busiest day of the week, I was walking home late from a long day. It was raining and it made the air feel cool and fresh so that I took a deep breath of the city air. In that moment, holding my umbrella, I realized how lucky I was to literally be where I was. Things felt as if they fell into place and the universe was perfectly aligned.
A year ago I could not have imagined that I would be living my dream. A year and a half into starting my own private acupuncture practice, every day was a challenge. I spent a lot of time being burnt out from working so much just to make enough money to cover the business. My patients teach me incredible things about myself and about how life is put together. The moments where I get to take a deep breath bring me back to life physically!

Emily Siy is the owner of Emily Grace Acupuncture in NYC, where she empowers women to take an active role in their health. Her methods allow patients to feel better and also educate them on how to live better, so they can maintain healthy lifestyles and prevent imbalances, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual. Emily practices Chinese Medicine with the intention that her patients will learn more about themselves and their bodies, and will reach their goals in life and their highest potential.