Design Ease: The Power of Plants

Our home space has a profound effect on our wellbeing. Plants have a way of transforming a space from lackluster into lively and effortlessly increasing vitality in our lives. Though plants are super hot right now; greenery in our home space has been a constant trend because incorporating plant life into one's living space brings a sense of comfort and ease.

There are a variety of benefits that come from houseplants. For starters, plants bring in positive chi (energy) because they are alive! Whenever I introduce new plants to my home space I notice the room feels alive and in turn uplifts my spirit. I like to spread my plants around the house but most importantly I love having plants around my workspace. I feel supported and inspired by the different shades, textures, and unique designs of each plant.

In Feng shui, the idea is to create an environment that supports us and brings in positive energy into all aspects of our lives. Plants are a gateway to opening positive energy fields. There are specific details in what kind of plants are best and ideal placements.

When I get a new plant I like to start by just playing around with placement, basically using my intuition as my compass. Often I’m switching up arrangements as I get to know each plants optimal setting for thriving.

It goes without saying that another huge benefit to houseplants is OXYGEN! They take in the CO2 that we breathe out and give us that yummy oxygen. Pretty crucial really. 

Also, the color green has a natural calming effect on us. Green signifies growth, health, peace, and wealth. All wonderful things, I’m sure we can all agree we’d love to invite more of into our lives. 

Particular plants are natural indoor air purifiers, for example: peace lilies, Boston ferns, aloe vera and spider plants. These plants help with counteracting the array of toxic chemicals that exist indoors.

One of the most common toxins found in our homes is formaldehyde, which is often found in building materials that are no good for our health. Having plants present in your home is a natural way to help override those nasty toxins. Just knowing that huge benefit gives me a little peace of mind!

Having plants in your home is a natural way to help override nasty toxins.

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Houseplants carry healthy positive vibes and aide in creating a space full of life, substance, and ease. When I walk into a room with greenery present, I immediately feel at peace and comforted. I encourage introducing some living green into your home, and have fun with it! Choose a few plants you fancy, find some pretty pots to hold them, and move them around to see what placements feels best for you. Power to the plant filled home!

Blog contributed by Sarah Bennett, our new Dwell writer for The Perpetual You magazine.
Sarah is a vintage curator, designer, and stylist. She sells women's vintage clothing and cards on her Etsy shop House Fly Co. She hails from the great NW, and has lived in WA, VT and PA. She recently moved back to OR with her husband and dog Odin. Aside from working on her business and as a virtual assistant for other entrepreneurs she loves hiking, running, enjoying live music, or practicing her ballet and yoga moves.   Connect with her on Instagram @houseflyco and @sariehere.

Blog images courtesy of Mayumi of Celebrate Well.
Mayumi Iguchi Trinidad is a wife and mother of two, who is passionate about sharing the beauty around her. With that passion, she recently started Celebrate Well, a photography and party styling business. When she is not behind the camera or taking care her family, she loves to cook, travel, and craft.  Connect her on Instagram at @celebrate_well, or on Facebook at Celebrate Well Photography.