Editor's Picks: 2016 Holiday Shopping Guide

We've just released our first Holiday Shopping Guide! Categorized according to the personality + lifestyle of the intended gift recipient, the guide maintains our commitment to showcasing the work of small batch makers, conscious companies, and women-owned businesses. 

While I love all of the products in our 2016 Holiday Shopping Guide, I would be lying if I said I didn't have my favorites. I decided to choose one product from each category to highlight for you, and tell you a little bit more about why we chose it and why we love the maker and/or company! It goes without saying that all of the following opinions are my own; they're meant to be helpful and informative but not authoritative or exhaustive. 

The Adventurer

You might think I *have* to choose this leather traveler's notebook / passport cover by Red Pen Traveler's, simply because it was made specifically for our TPY Marketplace, but you're thinking wrong. I chose this little guy because I truly love it because... A) It's just stinkin' cute; and B) Leather withstands all travails + travels. You can't go wrong here.

This little notebook cover is perfect for the Adventurer in your life because of its durability and flexibility: it can be used as a passport cover or to carry your traveling journal around in. Considering the design was custom made just for women who love themselves, I suppose it's not surprising that I picked it as my favorite product from this category!

The Foodie

This is by far the hardest category for me to choose just one product from, and I'm not even a foodie! At the end of the day, I'm a sucker for a beautiful tray - the more artisinal, the better. My pick for this category, therefore, has to be the Boho Minimal Serving Board in Solid Walnut. Wowsa, this gal's pretty! 

Made by Host & Toast out of Atlanta, Georgia, this serving tray has a southwestern motif engraving that elevates its design above any other tray I've seen. I also love the shape and length. (I guess I like my trays like I like my men: long & lean.) If you don't fancy the darker colored wood (or are allergic to walnuts!), they also offer this tray in maple.

The Creative

Since this is the category I most identify with (hint, hint present buyers...), I refuse to officially pick a "favorite." I will, however, emphatically highlight this super adorable Dreamer patch by Frog & Toad -- and not just because, at a mere $5, it's the most affordable gift in our entire guide, either!

There's so much goodness wrapped up in this little bitty potential present, from the vintage loveliness of it's format (iron-on is the new everything??) to the hopeful message it bears. I'm not just a dreamer myself, but a dreamer proponent; if you're a lady friend of mine don't be surprised when this shows up in your stocking!

The Literati

Truth be told, a woman of any personality would feel at home in this gorgeous eco-fashion cardigan from tonlé. Still, it makes the perfect gift for the literati in your life because it's traditional + comfortable, yet modern + stylish. You know...like reading, books, and words themselves!

Literati's aren't nerds for the fun of it; they're conscious beings who like to spend their time using their brain. Buying this vest shows your favorite bookworm that you recognize her need for expert quality and yearning for a more thoughtful world. Bonus: You'll also be introducing her to one of the coolest eco-fashion companies around!

The Wellness Junkie

I'm not always the first to buy into new technology, but I have to recommend the Leaf Urban by Bellabeat because I've wanted one since that first ad popped up on my Facebook feed. Now that they come in Rose Gold, it's only a matter of time before I get one!

What I really love about Bellabeat is that it feeds the Wellness Junkie's obsession with all things healthy while also bringing something completely new to the table. Essential oils, buddhas, yoga classes, and positive mindsets all have their place, but so does technology. I love that we wellness lovers can have it all, or at least can have the choice to modernize our mind-body-soul routines. 

As noted, these options are my favorites but we have three more in each category for you to look at! Don't take my word for which ones you'll love best--Browse the guide yourself!!