February Playlist: Love Means Love

We believe love is real, raw, and emotional; also long-lasting and rewarding. We believe relationships that are open and honest can be the best part of your life. We believe being with someone else can be fun, even when it's serious. We believe people are people and love is love.

This month's playlist is all about LOVE - and not just the romantic kind. Still, we thought it would be fun to track a typical, traditional relationship--and the stages it goes through--using our favorite love songs to do so.

The following is JUST a sampling of the songs from our February 2017 Playlist: Love Means Love. Make sure to follow us on Spotify and visit this month's playlist here for all our favorites.

Hang Out With You

by Mary Lambert

We love this totally honest portrayal of what the beginning stages of LOVE is like. The beats are perky and the voice is smoothe--kinda like when you first meet that special someone and everything about it is the best of everything you've ever known. 


Tegan & Sarah

One of our all-time favorites, this nod to the 80's chronicles the fast + furious stage of LOVE. Remember when all you wanted was for that special person to be closer? (Closer. No, really-really close!) Who needs to breathe, eat, or sleep when you're in love...? 

You're Mine

by Lola Marsh

All of the sudden, the person is always there, beside you. Lola's portrayal (video included) of the sometimes ambivalence that comes with LOVE that intends to stick around is spot-on. It can be maddening to not know where you end and the next person begins. It can also be really, really beautiful.

Stuck on You


And we're engaged/married/living together/together forever. Yay! The fun of fully committed LOVE is captured perfectly in this upbeat, quirky song. Yeah, now that we think about it, a relationship *is* like scotch tape. (We love scotch tape, by the way!) 

I And Love And You

The Avett Brothers 

Because...problems are going to arise. And those of us who don't let the heartache of true LOVE get in the way of the history make it through to the other side. Yes, we get that he's singing to a city in this song, but let's just assume that's a metaphor for lovin' that means something because of time, and place, and everything you discovered when you met each other.

And there you have it...love in the best of times (and some of the not so good). Love in all it's glories and all of the stages. Told in song by some pretty admirable songwriters. We happen to be just a little bit sweet on all of these singers, too.

Remember! This is just a few of the songs we chose for our February 2017 Playlist: Love Means Love. To hear all the songs, and to check out the past months' playlists, visit us on Spotify.