Intentional + Whimsical Handmade Treats

By Rachel Haas, TPY Food Expert

The holidays come quicker every year, it seems. We find ourselves standing in the midst of chaos and hubbub, leaving us exhausted and frazzled. It’s hard to find the calming center in the madcap rush. The concept of being intentional, of finding our childlike wonder amid all the twisted piles of “to-do” lists. 

This is why I find myself turning toward my kitchen and the soothing gift of handmade treats. There is something so wondrous about digging deep into flour, sugar, chocolate, and spices to create gifts straight from the heart. It’s a memory that gives itself as a gift to the creator, the peeking of little eyes and sticky fingers over the top of a sugar-spread countertop as the smell of freshly baked sweetness wafts around your home, a decoration of its own.

This year, let us breathe, pause, and be intentional with our hands. We so often push aside the sweet for the salty, preferring practicality to frivolity. But sometimes, a mouthful of sweet and a dropped crumb or too is exactly the right amount of whimsy to summon intentional ease into our holiday homes. 

Blog by Rachel Haas. 
Rachel is a children's literature author and the food experience contributor on our online magazine. Feast on more of her writing at Instagram or Facebook.
Blog images courtesy of @jaynacowal.