Intentional Magic: How & When to Share Your Dream

In the business of entrepreneurship, fast-forward is not always the appropriate or most rewarding pace. Having an intentional process in place for when the magic strikes means you can protect your creativity and honor your flow, even while nourishing dreams for the future.
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This month, our magazine was all about Creating Wealth while Embracing Patience. We were privileged to interview sisters Holly & Natalie, of VASU Tribe in Hartford, CT as our cover story superstars. In that interview, they shared their secrets for honoring and protecting the magic that creative ideas surface and require. We're happy to reprint their step-by-step process for you here.

*Read the entire article about VASU on page 66 of this mnth's magazine.*


Creativity is a “lifelong partner that you need to keep safe, and honor, and protect,” says Holly. Listening to your vision, creating a space where you can invite it in, along with sharing the vision with those closest to you are vital ways to protect your creativity. “That’s why it’s great to have each other,” says Natalie. “It feels great to share with her and I know it’s safe.”


Those of us who “want to be of service,” says Natalie, might feel some sort of obligation to “rush” the creative process. “But if we push it, we’re depleted,” she says. Part of protecting the magic is just sitting with an idea until it’s ready: resting, sleeping, eating, reading. Agrees Holly, “I’m a natural sharer and a generous person, but there has to be a boundary.” 


Holly and Natalie are big nourishers; taking a cue from nature, they sit with an idea, allowing creativity to blossom in due time. Says Holly, “We’ve come to a time in our society where we think that we have to constantly be in motion in order to be productive. There’s a sense of guilt and shame when we stop and rest. Remember: that’s where the magic lives – in that rest.”


Entrepreneurship is a balance between gratitude and mindfulness, between “being present and being a go-getter,” says Natalie. Sit with your idea but “don’t get lost in the dream.” There will come a time when you know the idea is ready to be shared; as long as you’re mindful along the way and have protected the vision thus far, you’ll be ready to release the creativity into the world.

What has been your experience with the creative process and sharing your magical ideas?