January Playlist: "The Story of You"

Here at The Perpetual You, we don't set resolutions on how we want to be different, or even how we want our lives/year to be different; rather, we follow a practice of intentional living every day of every year. At the same time, the new year is a natural time to envision your ideal creative life, which sometimes including assessing the parts of your life that aren't ideal. That's the paradox, I suppose, of living intentionally--or, really, living at all! With this paradox in mind, we bring you the January playlist:  The Story of You. The songs are at once celebratory and contemplative, exactly the way a new year makes us feel!
Blog Image courtesy of Jazelle's Artistry.

Below is a sampling of the songs from our January 2017 Playlist: The Story of You. To hear all the songs and follow us on Spotify, visit this month's playlist here.

George Ezra - "Budapest"

Because: his voice. These darling lyrics both invite and challenge, just like a good crooner is supposed to do. Give me one reason why I should make a change, indeed.

Joss Stone - "Free Me"

If you're looking for a badass lady to inspire your 2017, look no further than Joss Stone.  We could've smacked any one of her manifesto-esque ballads on here, but couldn't pass up the line: There's something deep inside of me I gotta be. So, "Free Me," it is.

Brandi Carlile - "The Story"

The inspiration for our playlist, this song could easily be misinterpreted as a traditional love song. We prefer to think of it, instead, as a genius epiphany of full-on self-awareness. Because you always have someone to tell your story to: yourself

Seinabo Sey - "Pretend"

If we did nothing else than listen to Seinabo Sey's voice all year long, we'd pretty much count that as a success! Her lyrics are seductive because they're true. Things are going just as they should -- are they not?

Strumbellas - "End of An Era"

Because we wanted to end on a positive note. Also, we love-love-love The Strumbellas. And we love Love. There's light and love at the end of an era, my friends. Life is cyclical, goodness is always on its way.

Remember! This is just a few of the songs we chose for our January 2017 Playlist: The Story of You. To hear all the songs, and to check out the past TWELVE months of playlists we've put together (!), visit us on Spotify.