Meet the Maker: Q & A with Julie Zipperer, from Love+Grace

In our February magazine, we're featuring Love+Grace pajamas as part of our recommended FUN products. Because we loved her pajamas so much, we asked founder Julie Zipperer more about her process, products, and life as a maker!
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With more than 20 years in the loungewear business to her credit, Julie Zipperer sought to create a comfortable pajama line with every day, all day appeal. Julie, spent many years in Fashion as director of design and sales with several top clothing companies.  She decided to develop a garment where women could not only feel good, but also feel and look pretty. The birth of Love+Grace.

Tell us the “backstory”…why pajamas??  

About 20 years ago, I helped launch a men’s pajama company and shortly thereafter added a ditzy floral print to the mix for women.  I realized that more women were buying this brand than men.  That’s when the light went on: “Women love PJs.” I realized that we needed pjs that look cute, pretty and sexy and still feel comfortable. That was the beginning of my pajama career.

Where do you get your inspiration from when creating new patterns or products?

Inspiration can come from anywhere: listening to our fans, looking through vintage books and pictures, thinking in the shower, watching trends. That’s what’s exciting for me. Inspiration is everywhere.

I love the name of your company!! How did you come up with the name? What’s its significance?  

Thank you!  I love it too.  You can never have enough Love and Grace in your life. It’s a great mantra. Especially through the ups and downs of life we all need Love + Grace to get through. 

Why is a “made in the USA” business important to you?  

I love working one-on-one in every aspect of the business, as well as keeping jobs in America: from the beginning starting with fabric vendors, to sewing craftsmen, to the person who irons and packs the finished goods. Producing in USA is more expensive, but the results are better and I get to see every step personally, giving me a great feeling of confidence when dealing with my customers. . 

The patterns you sent to us for our February spread are so FUN! Is this an important part of your business philosophy and practices—to have fun and/or enjoy yourself?  

YES!  I think it’s important to have fun in every aspect of life.  Work takes up so much of our lives; if you’re not enjoying it, then it may be time for a bit of a rethink!  My secret: when it’s gets too stressful at the office, I crank up the tunes and do “The Hustle.” Instant stress relief!  

How do you create fun in your own life and in the lives of others?  

 I have music around me all the time!  I love music and dance and my husband is a musician. I started a house concert series, “Julie’s Joint,” about 5 years ago, and it’s absolutely one of the coolest things that I’ve ever done.  I love when folks come for the first time. They are amazed at the great music and the loving people that help pull the night off, from the pot luck to song circle, where anyone can sing/play a song in a loving and safe environment free of any judgment. 

How do you maintain honesty & openness with your loved ones?  

My husband and I made an agreement when we started dating that when we argue there’s no name calling, that we listen to each other, that we can tell each other the hard things and know it comes from love. The ability to laugh at ourselves also looms large in our communication. We’ve gotten better at it over time and after 25 years, being candid feels like an indispensable part of our relationship.

Love+Grace is a luxury PJ and loungewear line, founded in 2013, and made in California where cool, chic and comfortable are paramount. Love+Grace combines superlative elements and fabrics, with zero compromise to quality. The elegant yet laid-back collection pairs quality luxurious fabrics with stylish silhouettes.  With a clean aesthetic, the understatedly cool and eminently wearable loungewear collection has earned a loyal following from women seeking an independent spirit, quiet ease, and confident attitude.  Life is too short not to have your own Love+Grace!
Our pajamas are sold at fine stores and Boutiques across  America and Canada, including Nordstrom + Shopbop. Or shop our website Love + Grace. Sign up for Love+Grace’s newsletter to receive 20% off your first order as a welcome💕