March Playlist: Do Your Thing

Music is the language of the soul. So why listen to songs that don’t make you feel good?
image courtesy of  the joy archival .

image courtesy of the joy archival.

Music can be one of the most empowering facets of life - if the music you listen to is encouraging, uplifting, and inspiring. We're not talking about spirituals (unless that's your kinda of music!); even modern music can have a positive impact on our lives. While every now and then, we want to burrow down in some mellow and morose music; most of the time, we just want a tune that matches our mood. If it makes us feel better? Then, it goes on the playlist!

Fortunately, there are countless singers who are writing and performing music meant to lift us up rather than bemoan our fate. We've put our favorites on this month's playlist: Do Your Thing. Below, we've sampled just a few to give you a taste of what you'll find over at our Spotify.

Just Do You

by India Arie

Listening to this song is like listening to your inner cheerleader - only your inner cheerleader is even more badass because she can sing and dance and smile and still look amazing soaking wet... We could choose any refrain to show you how empowering these lyrics are, but our favorite is, "If you create the game, then you create the rules." Damn straight.

Shining Light

by Annie Lennox

One could argue that this is a song about an empowering relationship, but we love the idea of singing these beautiful lyrics to yourself and dancing away while you're at it. When was the last time you told yourself how shiny you are? The most important relationship you have is the one with yourself!

born this way

by Lady Gaga

Every now and then, a reminder that "God doesn't make mistakes" is useful. If you're feeling particularly at odds with your true self, Lady Gaga is the inspiration we suggest. There's no one more authentic nor more outstanding - and that's a {self}love that turns us on.


by Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys' music has always been inspiring to us, but has taken on new meaning since her recent campaign to be her fully authentic (and unfiltered) self in a world that is increasingly hostile and critical to unadorned women. Maybe you haven't yet taken that final step to be your SELF in all arenas, but "even when you're a mess" you're a Superwoman. Learn it, Live it. Remember it.  

be you

by Ashley DuBose

We officially declare this song to be our theme song, for now and for-evuh. In a world of "shoulds" telling us to behave in ways that are inauthentic and unnatural, we need this message to combat: "You're supposed to be who you are." That's the only instruction you need listen to.

Big love to all of these amazing and inspiring female artists. Because this month's playlist is focused on being YOU and our mission is helping women, we felt it would be more than fair to select only women artists to feature.  Ready to find your theme song? Give the entire playlist a listen here.