May Playlist: Let's Be Still

Our May playlist is a diverse compilation of songs about resting, slowing down, noticing; as appropriate for a rainy day of doing nothing as it is for a day when you have a million things to do and just need to be grounded.
Check out the entire playlist here:  Let's Be Still. Or, sample of our favorites below.

Photo courtesy of Amanda Luisa Photography. Mugs by Heart Stone Gallery.

let's be still

by The Head and the Heart

All elements of this song are working together to support the message of being still, from the consistent beat to the truth-telling lyrics to the dreamy voices of the singers. 

peace tonight

by The Indigo Girls

Because peace can be soulful and hip and upbeat and beautiful. And because we love the Indigo Girls! 


by Brandi Carlisle

Have you ever....wondered through the woods? spent time staring up at the sky? took a walk without a purpose in mind??? These questions, we hope, are rhetorical. 

let IT BE

by Labrinth

Just to prove that still need not be boring. Or slow, even. 

In short, slowing down doesn't mean retreating from the world, just noticing its beauty. Need a refill? Give the entire playlist a listen here.