November Self-Care: Name Your Nourishment

Self-care is an act of nourishment, an act of providing substances necessary for our sustainability and growth. And with the term “self” we name this nourishment as an act we do on our own.
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This month's magazine is about finding Joy through Nourishment. And since we're basically using the word Nourishment as a synonym for self-care, we thought you might want to bulk up your list of self-care possibles.

Below are some ideas we came up with. What are your favorite ways to celebrate nourishment?

drink more water.


Drinking water works wonders for your body and mind. When you’re ready to go on a hydration kick, buy a bag of lemons to jazz it up, or get a really nice new water bottle. Fit it up and drink up!

move your body.

Embrace movement that you actually enjoy—whether a walk, a run, or dancing around in your house. If you work at a desk, take a “movement break” every 90 minutes. The more you move, the better you will feel.

get some sleep.

Little things like avoiding screens for 30 minutes before bedtime can facilitate more rest. Embrace naps, if you can get them (and don’t wake up too cranky!). Sleep matters—sometimes more than getting that last thing checked off the list.

receive more care.

Be open to help from others. Practice asking for help with dishes, childcare, work load, and when you need a break. Accept your neighbor’s (or mother’s) offer to help. Receiving nourishment from others is a deeply human act.

nourish your soul.

Feeling good on the outside is of no use when you’re at unrest on the inside. Spend time with yourself and ask some reflective questions: what about your life do you love and want more of? What are you ready to let go?

Tips provided by Marie Levey-Pabst.
Marie is the founder of the Create Balance method. She teaches parents to create balance between family, work, and personal fulfillment. Connect with Marie at @CreateBalanceCommunity on Facebook or at
Blog Images courtesy of Jazelle's Artistry.