Party Playlist: Holidays for Days

Holiday Music comes but once a year... Update your party playlist to include a mix of your favorite songs and listen to it year-round.
Blog Image courtesy of Jennifer Wenzel Photography.

Creating an intentional playlist is less about the specific event and more about the feeling you want to have every time you listen to this particular set of songs. For this year's party playlist, we recommend a healthy dose of classic party songs with a sprinkling of modern holiday music. The goal? To create a playlist that sounds just as good in June as it does in December.

Of course, your favorite songs will likely be different from ours, but in case you're still searching for that perfect party song--or an unexpected holiday tune to go with it)--here's what's on our playlist this month:

classic Party Songs

  • Raise Your Glass - PINK  - Because we need more of happiness (and tolerance) in our 2017.
  • Party Like It's 1999 - The obligatory party song that's always fun and ever-relevant!
  • Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars - Who can resist this hunk of a song anyway?
  • Happy - Pharrell Williams - Everyone from 6 year olds to 60 year olds can get behind this feel-good lovely.

modern Holiday Tunes

off-the-wall dance anthems

  • Officer - Slightly Stoopid - Because "laidback + mellow while also tongue in cheek" never goes out of style!
  • Rock Lobster - B52's - If you're going to go strange, go all the way...
  • Let's Just Go to the Dogs Tonight - Dismemberment Plan - Yes, let's do.
  • Downtown - Macklemore - Is this song social criticism? Nobody knows. But we do know that it makes you want to dance!

Holiday mindset Bonus Tracks

  • Blessed - Jill Scott - What better time to recognize how blessed we really are than while sipping candy cane martinis?
  • Wonderful World - Fisher - Upbeat + Quirky meets Classic Holiday Feelings
  • Wow - Beck - When you're ready to slow down and just recognize the moment, in a very abstract kinda way.
  • I Was Zapped by the Lucky Super Rainbow - The Flaming Lips - Because...well, you're welcome. That's why.
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Blog images provided courtesy of Jennifer Wenzel Photography.