Re-Balancing: Welcoming the Masculine

I’ve found after working in both a male-dominated industry and an industry where it’s mostly women supporting women, that both are incomplete without the other expression. Each side has its benefits, and if we get honest, both are struggling. 
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We were sitting at the bar restaurant at a high-end membership club, waiting for our pizza to arrive as Dave*, my soon to be employer and business mentor, explained the vision of his one-year-old start-up company to my ex-fiancé and I.

We were in awe at the level of thought and work Dave had put into this business - this was much bigger than what I was doing for the past year (and believe me, what Dave shared with me that night was just skimming the surface). 

For the past year, I had been running my own coaching business always with the underlying business model of "women-empowering-women." While I had great coaching skills and had helped to change people’s lives, something about the whole value-creation part of what I was doing fell short of what I knew I could do. When I met Dave and was offered a management position to work for his company, I realized why.

It’s great that women are empowering each other, and it’s absolutely true that women have more powerful intuition and women can tap into new divine energy easier; however, the world is a blended expression of both the divine masculine and the divine feminine. The challenge with only having women support each other is that we either end up trying to take up all the masculine parts, which is an inauthentic expression, or we only get part of the picture.

The male-dominated industries are struggling to reach for that constant, ever-unfolding new energy and business vision expressions when they do not have women involved. The women-contained industries are struggling to create a greater vision with powerful value using metrics and data, not to mention not accessing varied capital, and instead charging high-dollar amounts on our own clients (women) to keep the hamster-wheel running. (This is not an extensive analysis, just some of the surface pieces I've experienced/noticed).

I know we will get there - where all those things women desire are in place.  From my experience being in both situations, this can happen more readily by working with the masculine, not taking them out of the picture. Without blaming anyone or trying to figure out why it is the way it is, we can instead start to work with men and learn from each other. 

My greatest business mentors have always been men, not because I didn’t invest in women, but because they have been doing this longer, and they have more experience in certain industries at this point in time. I’m pleased to share that although I have been the only woman in a lot of the situations, men have been willing to listen. As a result, I've realized that when I stepped into my own power, men respected it.

There are more men out there who do desire to empower women than we realize. The more we acknowledge and seek that out, the more we all get to expand collectively together.

*Name has been changed 

Catt Kaizen is a deeper vision marketing consultant and copywriter. Working in marketing and sales in the start-up industry for years, she has seen the power of the right message to carry a company's vision. She assists companies and entrepreneurs to create marketing that is consciously aligned and feels free and inspired. Catt currently lives in Taipei, Taiwan. She feels at home wherever she travels, and spends her leisure time playing badminton and cooking Italian food. Connect with her @cattkaizen.