Quiz: What's Your Self-Care Style?

Welcome to our first ever Self-Care Quiz. For that matter, it's our first quiz period!! 
quiz main image.png

There's been so much talk lately about how self-care isn't a "one size fits all" thing and we couldn't agree more! But how does one know what kind of self-care is right for her?

We decided to put together this quiz to help you determine your self-care style, and just to get to know yourself better in general. And though it isn't perfect or foolproof--no computer generated anything ever is--at the very least, going through the process of answering these questions should start a dialogue between you & yourself (and any friends you pass it along to) about your preferred self-care routines.

Report back here when you're done, and let us know how it went!

Questions + Answers provided by Liz Edgaro + Lee Lee Thompson. Photos by Latoya Burton.