September Self-Care: It's All About You!

From ensuring you're grounded to asking if you're really ready, self-care in times of transformation must be as strengthening as it is supportive.
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In our current magazine, we'll be talking all about Embracing Transformation. Whenever you're going through any sort of growth, we encourage taking a minute to investigate your self-care toolkit. Does it have the necessary elements? Does it have a wide enough range? Does it specifically support the feelings that come with stretching and growing and transforming?

Below, we've listed some ways to check in with yourself and your self-care routines. Be sure to bookmark this list, because we know you'll be transforming many times over in the future!


Ground Yourself.

Transforming can throw your energy full speed ahead. Take a moment each day to slow down and notice something—anything—for 60 seconds. Then move along your way, focused + ready.

Check Yourself.

Doubts will creep in to even the most confident and capable heads. Ensure your mindset stays abundant by reminding yourself daily of how talented (and ready) you really are. If necessary, phone a friend and have her remind you too!

Heal Yourself.

Not ready to transform? You may have a limiting belief unconsciously sabotaging your true desires. Consider seeing a counselor or coach to gain persepective and some new tools for the kit.

Affirm Yourself.

A mantra is a positive affirmation you repeat over and over until it becomes second nature to think that way. Start small with a phrase like, “I’m ready,” and set a reminder in your phone to repeat it aloud multiple times throughout the day.

Choose Yourself.

We’ve said it before and we’ll keep saying it! You can’t get the life you want without loving the woman you already are. Transformation is not a veil or a new portal, but a melding of old and new, then and now…You, and more ideal you.

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