Series 5 Theme Announcement

The Perpetual You publishes between 8 & 10 blog posts each month that serve as companion pieces to our magazine articles. Below are the themes for the months December, January, February, and March.

If you would like to submit a blog post one one of the below themes, please read our submission guidelines first.

DECEMBER 2016 - CREATE Ease BY choosing wonder

In our desire to 'have it all,' we can too easily rush past those things that sustain us: the magic contained in a single moment; the heartfelt emotions of a friend or family member; the sense of peace brought to surface by a childhood memory. The holidays offer the chance to celebrate these intangibles, to wonder at their beauty and relish in their power. How else could we cross so many names off our list and bake yet another batch of cookies, if not by allowing love and generosity to permeate our lives and mindsets? An intentional holiday season brings ease and amazement; not because everything is easy, but because we choose to believe -- in the moments of peace, in the good will of strangers, in the awesomeness of our fellow wonder-makers, and in our amazing selves.

  • December Blog Post DEADLINE ~ Monday, November 21st

January 2017 - Create Wealth by Embracing Patience

At the start of a new year, the media's overwhelming focus is on what we lack; their inherent assumption is that if we are not perfect, we are missing something. Thankfully, this assumption is as flawed as their focus. Abundance resides not in our physical attributes or lifestyle accoutrements, but in our mindsets - in our ability to recognize what we have even as we embrace what could be. An intentional new year requires sustained communion with our core selves: check-ins and reality checks over arbitrary checklists. Being purposeful in our actions requires practice and relies on patience, but paying attention to our actual desires brings meaningful growth and longstanding wealth.

  • January Blog Post DEADLINE ~ Friday, December 16th

February 2017 - Create Fun by Unleashing Candor

You know what's sexy? Pure, raw emotion. Going all in and being completely transparent. Honesty with a touch of kindness. Being loved, loving, and knowing that you're loved. This month, we want to move past "Does this make me look fat?" and start some truth-seeking dialogue between you and your partner; also between you and your children, siblings, parents, and friends. All too often, we're afraid to give the most of ourselves to the people who mean the most. Intentional relationships, though, require the willingness to be who you are, which necessitates the courage to create safe spaces where you can be with those you love. Mature yet unadulterated, Candor is a FUN place to start your authentic relationships journey. 

  • February Blog Post DEADLINE ~ Friday, January 20th

March 2017 - Create Joy by Celebrating Brilliance

Be Nice. Be Good. Be True to Yourself. Behave. All of these notions, while coming from a place of good intentions, share the same fault: they require that you be someone other than you are. At The Perpetual You, our only motive - our primary mission - is that you be Be YOU. That's it. That's all we want. Why? Because we know that -- on those days when you feel empowered to be exactly who you are -- those are the days when you will have the greatest influence on the world around you. Is it possible to publish a woman's magazine that doesn't necessitate one single change from the women reading it? We believe it is, and this month is our chance to prove it to you!

  • March Blog Post DEADLINE ~ Friday, February 10th