Series 6 Themes Announcement

The Perpetual You publishes between 8 & 10 blog posts each month that serve as companion pieces to our magazine articles. Below are the themes for the months April, May, June, and July.
If you would like to submit a blog post on one of the below themes, please read our submission guidelines first.
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April 2017 - Create EASE by Choosing Possibility

If you're an entrepreneur, chances are you've been inundated with slogans and Instagram pictures encouraging you to 'hustle.' To get at it, work hard, fight your fears, conquer the world, drink coffee 24/7, meet and greet, set goals, show off, and take names. Along the way, you're supposed to become a yogi and start making your own clothes. Yikes! Too much pressure.

At The Perpetual You, we have no problem with getting things done. Where we're different is that we believe effort is more meaningful when paired with deliberation and open-minded curiosity.  To invite ease in your world of #workworkwork, set aside time to search for what could happen rather than being hell bent on determining what will. Manifest success (or something better). Focus on the now (for as long as it takes). Choose possibility (in favor of certainty).

Yes, opportunities are everywhere. That doesn't mean, though, that we have to go after every single one. By opening your eyes, pausing before acting, and prioritizing instead of hustling, you can pursue the path you're meant to go down, when you're good and ready thank you very much. And when you are ready? We're betting you'll have some spare time to Instagram your success!

  • April Blog Post Deadline: Friday, March 17th

May 2017 - Create Wealth by Embracing Rest

At The Perpetual You, taking care of yourself is paramount on our "to-do" list. Even while knowing how vital self-care is to a woman, especially a woman who is taking care of others, we acknowledge the challenge inherent in setting aside space and giving yourself permission to breathe. To be alone for a couple minutes is often a luxury, let alone taking a 30-minute nap!

Depending on the life stage you're in, rest might seem unattainable. We're here to tell you that it isn't. As with an other intentional living facet, demanding the time you need in order to feel at your best takes practice and patience and forgiveness. It can feel risky--this being good to yourself thing--but, lady, is it worth it.

Comfort isn't something reserved for holidays; peace can come more than once a season. Rest and relaxation can be abundant--in our routines, in our homes, and in our mindsets--if we are courageous enough to cultivate it. Sit in the mess and survey the chaos, and find some shade to do so in...because not everything has to get done today (or even tomorrow!).

  • May Blog Post Deadline: Friday, April 14th

June 2017 - Create FUN by Unleashing Femininity

In a world where certain body types, hair colors, and style choices are celebrated, revered even, accepting and sharing your authentic self can pose a challenge. Add to that the proliferation of clean beauty, eating local, charitable shopping, and other "do good" lifestyle choices, and we've officially got a confusing list of options on how to be a Modern Woman.

Here at The Perpetual You, beauty isn't a standard, and femininity isn't defined by culture. These are inner expressions, not external requirements. Whether you're beautiful-- whether you're behaving "like a lady" or you feel feminine -- is based on your own definitions, expectations, and emotions.

We want you to not just understand this but to unleash it! Share it with your friends, shout it from the mountaintops. The more women who know there's more than one way to be a woman, the more comfortable we'll all feel with femininity--hers, and our own.

  • June Blog Post Deadline: Friday, May 12th

July 2017 - Create JOY by Celebrating Leadership

For centuries, women have trusted their intuition, ancestral experiences, and stores of shared knowledge to sift through and decide on all the choices they must make. The modern woman living intentionally might have more data to weed through, but she has the same divine strength as the women who've gone before her.

The Perpetual You thrives on the threads of connection and collaboration that wind through female societies, and we exist to illustrate to you the empowerment that comes from leaning on another lady. Whether you're supposed to be in charge, or you're the woman supporting everyone else (or both!), leadership can take on a new meaning if viewed in the context of shared vision.

Yes, the world needs leaders. And yes, the world needs WOMEN who are leaders. We need equal pay and we need social justice. And we will get there. For inspiration, we only need to look around and applaud all the women who are already making the world a better place. Because when you invest in women and girls, you're inviting real, long-lasting, and radical growth for everyone.

  • July Blog Post Deadline: Friday, June 9th