Series 7 Themes: August - November

The Perpetual You publishes between 8 to 10 blog posts each month that serve as companion pieces to our magazine articles. Below are the themes for the months of August, September, October, and November.
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August 2017 - Create EASE by Choosing Optimism

All too often, we view transitions as something we have to "go through" -- an uncomfortable moment soon to pass. What if, instead, we accepted each season as its own good thing? What if  we chose to be as optimistic at the end of summer as we are at the beginning? At The Perpetual You, we love sunshine and positivity because being cheery is being carefree. Literally. One flip of the switch and you can look at that hardship/transition/failure/sadness for what it really is: an experience which you can react to however you chose.

Maybe you don't relish our current political climate. Maybe you mourn the passing of these summer months of freedom. Maybe you resist transitions naturally, preferring to stick with what's comfortable instead. We hear you, and lady we feel t you too. We also know you can choose to live in the moment, and that making this choice is a natural and radical way to release your Inner Optimist. Whether the end of the day or the end of summer, stay present, remain free, and choose to look at the bright side. Today -- this moment -- is still here.

  • August Blog Post Deadline: Friday, June 16th

September 2017 - Create WEALTH by Embracing Transformation

Growth is a part of our DNA. As children, we intuitively retreat and comfort ourselves when growing. As adults, we deserve nothing less than the same level of care and protection. At The Perpetual You, we don't just promote the journey, we believe in it. We crave the healing from moving on and we relish the abundance that shows up when we pursue our dreams. We have experienced, firsthand, the empowerment in growth that is both sought after + organic.

You may feel that you just got it all figured out (because you did!). Let that security be the catalyst for yet another attempt, yet another Yes. Transformation lies at the intersection of exploration and introspection. Consider your options carefully. Ground in your intentions. Hold fast to your values. And then, dear butterfly, say goodbye to the restrictions placed upon you, and Be Free. The next great phase of your business/brand/career/life awaits.

  • September Blog Post Deadline: Friday, July 14th

October 2017 - Create FUN by Unleashing Curiosity

Wanna know a secret? You're not supposed to know all the answers! We repeat: You do not need, nor should you expect yourself, to have the answers. You're free to explore, pursue, investigate, dream . . .  What would you like to learn? Where would you like to go? What piques your curiosity? At The Perpetual You, we've discovered so many, many women who are smart--like Super Smarty Pants Smart--and these women have shown us how much there still is to learn, how empowering it can be to succeed at something you never even expected yourself to try.

Are we talking sky-diving? Sure, if that's what lights you up. AND, we're talking a new route through the neighborhood; a new hairstyle; a new genre of book; a new way of looking at your life, and the world, and what it means to have Fun. Curiosity is the new courage, friend. Grab a partner; leave your expectations and judgments at the door; and get out there to explore!

  • October Blog Post Deadline: Friday, August 18th

November 2017 - Create JOY by Celebrating Nourishment

Nourishment. Nurture. Niceties. These are things we typically and historically give away. While we love a good dose of generosity, we also know what happens when the giver runs out of steam. If we aren't filling our own well first, this is bound to happen. At The Perpetual You, we believe in putting your own needs at the top of the to-do list because we know that trying to give to others when you feel empty on the inside is impossible, unnecessary, and downright dangerous.

What is it that others love so much about you? Your smile? Your homemade cookies? Your laugh-out-loud demeanor? Reclaim that special something as YOURS. You are responsible, first and foremost, to take care of yourself. To protect your magic. To heal. To take a bath. To eat what your body is craving. To share your talents only after you've made sure your own needs are being met. For it is only after you nourish your own soul that you can have a positive affect on those around you. 

  • November Blog Post Deadline: Friday, September 15th

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