Series 8 Themes (December '17 - March '18)

We're excited to announce the Themes for the next Series, magazines to be published from December 2017 - March 2018. Read below, and let us know if you want to become an advertising partner or contribute in another way. For your convenience, deadlines have been included beneath each summary!

NOTE: We publish between 8 to 10 blog posts each month that serve as companion pieces to our magazine articles. Below are the upcoming themes and submission deadlines. If you would like to submit a blog post on one of the below themes, please read our submission guidelines first.

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Create EASE by Choosing comfort (pub. date dec 1, 2017)

Winter: a season of natural hibernation when we're often called to leave our comfort zones and converse with, cavort with, and cozy up with others. Though our nature says Stay, our heart says Just Go.

Finding ease amidst busy-ness and tradition and expectations isn't as simple as discovering a middle ground where everyone will be mildly content. Nor is "going with the flow" as simple a solution as it sounds.  Rather, we intentionally and deliberately decide how we want to experience the various situations in which we're placed.

When we're obligated to be on someone else's schedule, the smallest detail of our day can provide comfort, from choosing to wear yoga pants to remembering to bring our favorite pillow to maintaining an important routine in a month when routines are deprioritized.

So, pack those fuzzy slippers and bring along a bottle of Vitamin "P" (for pleasure!). Settle in, even while maintaining boundaries. At The Perpetual You, we encourage you to find a way to be at ease in every situation, even if that means bringing the comforts of home with you wherever you go.

  • Magazine Article Deadline: Friday, Oct 6th
  • Ad Content Deadline: Friday, Oct 13th
  • Blog Post Deadline: Friday, Nov 10th

Create wealth by embracing reflection (pub. date Jan 1, 2018)

At The Perpetual You, we don't do resolutions, nor do we prioritize one month's possibility over any other. Yet, we recognize the impetus of societal focus, and not just to be vigilant against peer pressure!

A beginning of any kind offers opportunity to reflect, mindfully and truthfully, on what we want to have in our lives. Sitting with our desires is a useful part of an intentional life, for the Law of Attraction states that where our attention lies is where the abundance flows.

Even more critical during a time of newness is to reflect upon how much you already have; how far you have already come; how beautiful you already are. The woman you are today is where your wealth resides.

Your current self is also informed by the woman you've always been and inspired by the woman you want to be. Reflection, then, requires both perception and patience. What we want becomes clearer when we know which aspects of our life are the most rewarding.

  • Magazine Article Deadline: Friday, Nov 3rd
  • Ad Content Deadline: Wednesday, Nov 15th
  • Blog Post Deadline: Friday, Dec 8th

    Create fun by unleashing connection (pub. date feb 1, 2018)

    Oh the irony of today's hyper-connected society, in which we often feel more alone than ever! Sure, we can reach out & text someone whenever we want, but how often do we make time for a true heart-to-heart? An interaction that fulfills a need and warms our soul?

    At The Perpetual You, we want to encourage you to CONNECT with others, which can only happen if we are truly connected to ourselves and our desires. When we choose a wine night partner or decide which dinner part to attend, we must first know what feelings we're looking to have.

    However commercialized, holidays remind us of what we really value: time with loved ones. Getting together to laugh and reminisce; sending valentines to old and new friends; going on a walk while holding hands; eating together as a family and then snuggling in bed while we read our favorite book.

    No matter how swift our technologically dependent lives get, quality time will always offer more connection and, thereby, more fun. Go ahead and hang out a little longer, have that extra glass of wine. Make space for connecting to others, authentically and in close proximity.

    • Magazine Article Deadline: Friday, Dec 1st
    • Ad Content Deadline: Friday, Dec 15th
    • Blog Post Deadline: Friday, Jan 12th

        Create joy by celebrating whimsy (pub. date mar 1, 2018)

        Can creativity be intentional, or must it be awarded to us by muses and universal beings? Can a creative act be as purposeful as it is pleasurable? Can being creative fulfill you as much as it surprises and delights you?

        We at The Perpetual You define a creative act as anything slightly whimsical that bring you Joy. Maybe the initial spark came from the heavens. but hey--you're the lady who grabbed on to that idea, and you're the one who's bringing it to fruition!

        Painting. Drawing. Coloring. Surprise-Making. Laughing. Designing. Bringing in the Unexpected. Being the Unexpected...Whimsy is the polar opposite of being bored, a la summers alone as a child. Part frivolity and part simplicity, whimsy is noticing the things that bring you joy, and creating more of the same. 

        From rituals of pleasure you've inserted to your day to a clever turn of phrase that catches you by surprise, whimsy elevates the nooks and crannies of an intentional lifestyle, helping you see them as the final, important details--the cherry on top in the sundae that is life.

        • Magazine Article Deadline: Friday, Jan 5th
        • Ad Content Deadline: Tuesday, Jan 16th
        • Blog Post Deadline: Friday, Feb 9th