Smoothie Experience: Sit, Breathe, Sip, Repeat

This tropical banana smoothie is Toddler Tested, Mama Supported, and Registered Dietitian Approved.
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No matter which stage of life you find yourself in, fast food always seems to be something we’re buying into… not fast food as in McDonald’s (or maybe) (which, side note, my kids call “fake food” and find the need to scream it out the window as we’re driving by), but a fast yet nutritious meal.

Smoothies have been of universal interest lately, and there’s this one in particular that I can’t stop making. It’s the perfect tropical twist on the common strawberry banana smoothie, and with the right guidance from a registered dietitian, could even replace a meal.

Registered Dietitian Courtney Perrin recommends this Tropical Banana Smoothie as an addition to breakfast or as a snack. However, it could replace a meal with the right substitutions. Be sure to read through the nutrient breakdown below to equip your body with the right sources of nutrients and energy for your day.

For a heartier breakfast, accompany your smoothie with a meal of eggs and toast (because, really, who can eat eggs without toast?!). A vegetarian/vegan option would be toast with peanut butter or slices of avocado.


Tropical Banana Smoothie

Approximate Serving Size: 1 cup
Approximate Servings per Recipe: 3


*approx. ¾ cup coconut milk
approx. 7 frozen strawberries
1 frozen sliced banana
2-3 dates
approx. 1 tablespoon grated ginger 

*coconut milk substitutes: rice milk, almond milk, greek yogurt
Tip: freeze coconut milk in ice cube trays for an added icy texture.


1. Place strawberries, banana slices, dates and ginger into blender
2. Pour in coconut milk or substitute (ingredients should be halfway covered)
3. Blend until smooth and enjoy someplace tropical


Nutrient Breakdown

Coconut milk: A creamy alternative that contains fiber and iron.

Strawberries:  Berries are small but mighty foods. They are packed with plant-derived chemicals called phytonutrients, which may play a role in disease prevention and overall health. The particular phytonutrient in strawberries is called proanthocyanidins, characterized by their beautiful bright red color. Their powerful antioxidant properties have the potential to protect your body from conditions such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and inflammation. Yes, you read that right.

Banana and dates: Delicious sweeteners made by Earth. Bananas are full of potassium, which is a mineral that aids in muscle relaxation and heart health. Bananas and dates are mostly sugar, but do contain fiber, which helps regulate blood sugar to give us energy throughout the day! They will also regulate bowel movements. 

Ginger: An antioxidant-packed food that protects our cells from damage and is found to have the potential to prevent cancer development and growth.  It also helps with nausea and soothes the stomach when having gastrointestinal problems. (pregnant mamas: try during the dreaded morning sickness period of pregnancy).

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Smoothie recipe by Courtney Perrin.
Courtney Perrin RD, LDN graduated from Simmons College with a B.S. in Nutrition & Dietetics, and is currently enrolled in the M.S. program for Nutrition & Health Promotion. She is a Boston-based dietitian working at an outpatient treatment center, providing nutritional therapy for those struggling with eating disorders and disordered eating.
Connect with her on Instagram @court_perrin.