Self-Care for Your Inner Optimist

Summer self-care can be as uplifting as summer itself--it's all about adding more goodness + positivity to your already wonderful day.
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You may have noticed some changes in our most recent magazine -- one of which was our newly designed and freshly curated Self-Care spread. In it, we included a few tips on invigorating your inner optimist. Along with that, we'll be blogging a list of 5 things to try out as part of your self-care rituals each month.

Summer self-care is all about attitude (well, I suppose you could say that about any type of self-care). In this case, we want the good vibes to flow. We want to live in the moment and breathe the fresh air. We want to live as an optimist, whether we are one or not. Below are our favorite tips for maintaining positivity all month long.

Add lemon to that water!

Drinking water is a self-care practice in and of itself. Add citrus + sun by squeezing in a lemon slice. Your mood will perk up with every sip.

Keep a gratitude journal.

Whether the nightly news or our Facebook feed, external influences can easily get us down. Combat that negativity by writing a list at the end of that day of what is Good about life.

illustration by  christy johnson .

illustration by christy johnson.

Strike a power pose.

Body language is a useful tool in one’s positivity toolkit. Stand up straight, walk with purpose, and notice your confidence soar.

Phone a friend.

There’s nothing like rehashing good times (or making new memories) to release the easygoing optimist inside. Yes, life is better with friends.

Let it go.

Holding on to a grudge? Still upset over last week’s miscommunication? Make way for a “good vibes only” mindset by releasing yucky feeling and moving full speed ahead.

We also want to hear your ideas!

Share what you have done / are doing to stay positive and well this month in the comments below!