TPY Influencer Program

The Perpetual You is excited to start its Influencer Program! If you are a woman who loves reading our magazine in print, and you feel like the women in your network (or your clients) would benefit from a print subscription as well, then sign up below. 

how the program works

TPY Influencers are women who have already subscribed to our print magazine AND who want to share their love of reading our print magazine with the women in their network or the female clients whom they serve.

Step 1 is to fill out the application below. Include a brief message as to why you feel this is a good program for you to join.

Step 2 is for us to review your application within the next 48 hours. Assuming we agree, we'll send you a UNIQUE discount code that you can share with the women you love. Any woman using that code will receive 10% off her print magazine subscription. She can sign up monthly, by the series, or annually -- the code will work every time she subscribes!

Step 3 is for you to share, share, share! The more women who sign up for a subscription with your code, the more of a benefit you will receive!

Step 4 is for us to provide you with your benefits. For every 5 women who sign up using the discount code you've provided to them, you will receive a credit for a month's subscription ($20). You can use this credit toward either an individual or creative professional subscription. There are no partial credits (for example $4 per referral); however, we welcome you to use your own 10% coupon code whenever you next renew your subscription.

Still interested? Sign up using the application below.

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