Choose to Believe: Comfortable, Wondrous Style

“Seeing isn't believing.  Believing is seeing.”  Judy the Elf, The Santa Clause
Title Photo Courtesy of Walker Studios, LLC.
By Caitie Sherrick, TPY Style Expert

When the stranger in front of you buys your coffee, accept it with grace. When your partner tells you they love you for the millionth time, don’t question it. When your friend compliments your new outfit, receive it completely. Choose to believe in the things you can’t see – generosity, love, appreciation. Because the more you choose to believe in them, the more easily you’ll actually see them.

Choosing ease when getting dressed is choosing to be comfortable and stylish. It’s choosing to buy versatile pieces you can wear to multiple occasions, wearing clothes that make you feel more like you and only keeping the things that bring you true joy. Curating your closet in this way, leaves you feeling more organized and more put together.

So wear the same pants when you’re at home, at a party or at yoga. Throw on your favorite scarf for holiday shopping, grocery shopping and every other kind of shopping. Pair the same earrings with a sweater, a button down and a blouse.

Choosing ease in style and in life leaves you free to have more faith and believe in the things you can’t see.  It leads to having a true sense of wonder. And when you see the world with wonder, everything is that much more wondrous.

comfortable Style: Choose Trousers

Comfortable, cool and versatile, loose trousers are an easy option for just about any occasion. 


Stylish at Home

Whether you’re at home baking holiday cookies, dancing to music or sipping hot chocolate by a fire, you can’t go wrong with loose, comfortable trousers. Dress them down with a white t-shirt and a basic cardigan. Don a pair of slippers or your comfiest of socks. Bake, dance and warm up in style even if you don’t leave the house that day.

Pictured: green silky trousers, white t-shirt, gray cardigan, Leocadia K. Turquoise Tribe Necklace

Cool at a Party

Whether you’re at a work holiday party or your best friend’s holiday party, wear your trousers with some strappy heels, throw on a blouse and drape them both with a blazer. The pants add a really cool vibe to an otherwise very traditional atmosphere. 

Pictured: green silky trousers, gray blouse, black blazer, black flats, Leocadia K. Turquoise Clan Earrings, Leocadia K. Turquoise Fringe Necklace

Comfortable in the Moment

Whether you’re meditating in the morning or doing yoga before dinner, keep it easy and comfortable by pairing your trousers with a blank tank, a fitted sweatshirt and your favorite mala necklace. The loose trousers let you move through your practice, while still looking and feeling put together in the moment.

Pictured: green silky trousers, black yoga tank, Leocadia K. Huge Mala Necklace


Caitie Sherrick is a jewelry designer + stylist for mildly rebellious flow-goers at Leocadia K. She’s deeply inspired by modern art, has a boho heart + loves the warm, unconditional love of a good cup of chai tea.
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