Wrap Smart! 6 Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper Options

Wrapping paper is a staple of the holiday season.  Most of us spend hours carefully wrapping our gifts in festive printed paper and decorating the packages with ribbons, bows, and tags. Did you know that wrapping paper can be another way to shop conscious this holiday season?

When I think back my childhood Christmases, I remember my parents hauling several trash bags full of torn gift wrap to the curb after my sisters and I were finished ripping open our many presents. As a child, I never gave much thought to what happened to that mountain of gift wrap once it left my hasty hands.  I didn’t think of how many trees were cut down to make it, nor how much space it would occupy in a landfill once I was finished with it.

Sadly, these are concerns that many people still don’t consider when shopping for the holidays.  It’s so easy to toss a few rolls of commercial wrapping paper in the cart and be done with it.  To bring some ease into your shopping, I've put together a list of my favorite eco-friendly gift wrap makers.


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Wrappily is a company that uses recycled newspaper to make their products.  They also support local economies by using local newspaper presses to print their wrapping paper.  Since they use newspaper as the base of their gift wrap, it can be recycled again after the holidays, unlike most traditional wrapping papers.

Blooming Plantables

Blooming Plantables makes gorgeous, festive wrapping paper from 100% recycled paper, but that’s not the best part! Their paper contains tiny seeds woven into the fibers, so after you’re done with it, you can bury it in the ground.  The seeds will sprout into plants and the paper will turn into compost as it decays.

Eden's Paper

Eden’s Paper is another company that makes plantable paper.  Like Blooming Plantables, they embed seeds into their gift wrap so the paper can be planted once it is no longer needed.  Eden’s Paper uses a variety of vegetable seeds in their wrap, so your recipient will get to enjoy delicious organic produce in addition to your gift.

Clara and Macy

Clara and Macy is a small business that offers wrapping paper and matching gift tags.  All of their products are made from FSC-certified paper, meaning it was harvested and made in an environmentally conscious and sustainable way.  Their many designs are hand-drawn and ever-so-cute.

Fish Lips

Fish Lips is a small mom-run business that provides gift wrap and tags made from recycled paper and printed with soy ink.  They offer a variety of designs ranging from classic to cute that can be individually purchased or as part of a kit.

Wrap and Revel

Wrap and Revel is a small-batch print company that makes their gift wrap using eco-friendly kraft paper— recycled or FSC-certified virgin paper.  They only use materials made by American suppliers who prioritize sustainability and clean production.

With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect gift wrap this holiday season!  

Remember, too, that waste doesn’t end with the wrapping paper.  To make your holiday even more eco-friendly this year, use washi tape, which is more biodegradable than conventional tape; cloth gift bags (or paper ones that survived previous years!); and cotton twine in place of ribbon.

You can even DIY it up to reduce waste from your own home!  Consider making your own bows from your gift wrap scraps (or any old newspaper or magazine) or using scrap fabric as ribbon!

How do you keep your holidays eco-friendly?  Let us know in the comments below.

Emily is a mom, grad student, and craft addict from rural Pennsylvania.  She loves to find new ways to be self-sufficient, and she uses her blog A Little Something Sublime to help others live frugally while still having fun.
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Blog Images courtesy of Wrappily.