Writing Opportunities at The Perpetual You

The Perpetual You is unlike other magazines in that we don't consider submissions from freelance writers or journalists that we don't already have a relationship with. In fact, we welcome women who are experts in their field, whether or not they have writing experience at all!
We seek to establish a relationship with these women experts in order to help them craft their message, improve their writing skills, and finetune their point of view.  We also do everything in our power to promote the brand or viewpoint of our writers--from the simple reposting of IG pics to recommendations for suitable opportunities that come on our radar.
Each writer will be paired with an editor whose primary intention is to facilitate growth--not of the piece itself, though that's bound to happen (!)--but of the writer herself, the woman she is and wants to be & the gift she has to bring to the world.  We can promise that, upon contributing to this beautiful, raw, much-needed publication, You Will Grow.
We publish on a "series" basis, which is 4 months, and we request that a writer commit to all 4 months in a series--except in the case of extreme circumstances.  Deadlines currently run about six weeks in advance of publication date; for example, a November article would be due sometime around September 15th.  For a list of specific writing opportunities, see below.


We are in need of interior design writers for our Dwell section and have a variety of opportunities available there. If you are an interior designer, home blogger, DIY-er, or a homeowner remodeling your home--and you would like to share your experiences with our audience--please see our Dwell Writers callout.


While all of our magazine articles are critical to our mission, the oustanding piece each month is the feature article on our cover story superstar(s). In this article, we feature a woman, or a pair of women, living a self-aware, purposeful, and, often, outstanding life. This article ranges from 2000-2500 words and also includes 1-2 sidebars of additional information. Because of the importance of this article, our Managing Editor is involved with its composition from start to finish; however, there is ample opportunity for a gifted writer to truly make this piece her own

Writers interested in working with our Managing Editor on the production of our cover story will excel if they have:

>Experience writing and editing story-focused journalism pieces and/or longer manuscripts
>Interest in or experience with pre-interview research & question-writing, as well as fact-checking & post-interview follow-up
>Intense distaste for interviews published in Q & A format
>Proven ability to select quotable text from interview transcripts
>Desire to work with our Managing Editor in crafting the most important piece of the magazine!

If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, please fill out our contact form and include a link to your story-focused journalistic portfolio.


This coming August marks our foray into the world of travel writing and we are looking for a women who LOVES to travel, who currently WRITES about traveling, and who CAPTURES her travels visually to partner with us in this venture.  Your traveling outlook and experiences should embody our brand words: Ease, Fun, Wealth, and Joy. Additionally, you should be an intentional traveler.  If you meet this criteria and are looking for a publication outlet, fill out our contact form. Be sure to include a link to your primary travel writing platform!

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Our companion blog launched on August 3rd! Click here for our blog submission policies.

Prior to filling out our contact form in regards to these writing opportunities, we ask that you consider seriously whether or not this collaboration is right for you and at this time. Writing for The Perpetual You is unlike any other writing 'job' you'll obtain--or any job at all for that matter! We look forward to helping you determine whether your viewpoint is a good fit for our audience.