the LEE LEE, managing editor/creative director

A writer by trade, designer by heart, and mother by choice, lee lee opts for intentional practices and a positive mindset in all areas of her life. She co-founded The Perpetual You magazine in the summer of 2015 with her sister, and assumed the #ladyboss title in April of 2016. 

Born in Springfield, MO, lee lee first moved to the New England area in 2001. Prior to that she lived in a variety of locales, including San Francisco, CA and Little Rock, AR.  Educated in the liberal arts, she has a BA in English & an MFA in Creative Writing, and has been published in the Jamaican Literary Review and online at 30pov.com. In addition to writing many of the pieces in the Dwell section of The Perpetual You, she writes online content for value-based businesses.

If you’re in or nearby Hamden, CT, lee lee invites you to stop by her front porch, where you will likely find her, one or both of her young sons, and—depending on the time of day or night—a variety of family and friends hanging out: talking, laughing, drinking, brainstorming, dreaming, and enjoying the seasonal New England weather.

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jessie leiber, art director

Jessie has been infatuated with magazines as a medium since she was a child--when she could often be found "improving" upon the outfits, makeup, and teeth of models found in her mother's magazine stacks. This love of doodling soon became a love of anything creative, as her interests bounced from painting & photography to collage & graphic design. 

A Navy brat (and somewhat restless spirit), Jessie has grown up both everywhere and nowhere in particular. For the past decade, she's lived in Virginia, where she rearranges her furniture, collects anything striped, and devises excuses not cook for her husband and 2 kids. (If you tried her cooking, you'd know why.)

Jessie is most out of her comfort zone when writing personal bios. She'd much rather connect with other passionate & entrepreneurial women--especially by helping them develop & brand their own businesses.

You can connect with her @jessieleiber or engage her in a business venture @littlelegendsdesign.



Kay believes every moment deserves to be preserved. Along with her sister, she traverses New England and beyond chasing sunsets, circling dance floors, capturing tears & laughter--all in the pursuit of preserving stories of love, friendship, and family.

Kay graduated from Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT with a Bachelors in English. After realizing behind the lens is where she wanted to be, Kay began to pursue her love for photography. In January 2012, Amy and Kay put their heads together to start up Walker Studios LLC, a wedding photography and fine art design studio. 

Kay has always loved stories and loves looking back through albums of her pictures and "reading" the story of her life over and over again. She has a keen eye for detail and the tone of her photography has a potent vibrancy that highlights the best parts of life: from a father/daughter dance to a quirky cocktail to a divinely decorated fireplace to the engaging smile of a child who is candidly and simply enjoying her day. 

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