why do women read the perpetual you magazine?

The Perpetual You doesn’t leave me feeling like I’m not enough—that magazine inspires me to be true to who I am and my heart’s deepest values.
— Sarah, age 37
Each issue offers me the gift of slowing down, savoring the monthly theme, and looking for ways to apply valuable lessons in my own life. The Perpetual You is like a soothing tonic at the end of a hectic day!
— Micayla, age 25
I love reading the inspiring stories in The Perpetual You, and the photography is always beautiful. I imagine myself in those pages and am energized!
— Denise, age 53
The stories in The Perpetual You are so motivating. I enjoy the blend of great content and visually stimulating material, the clean layout, and the clear, simple messaging throughout.
— Crystal, age 33

why do women support the perpetual you?

I may not have much time to read and watch and hear and shop all the offerings TPY has to offer, but I financially support it because I want it there when I DO have time. The words are calming. Wise. Supportive. Creative. Just the photographs make me pause from busyness and admire some cool shit. TPY puts order to my self-inflicted chaos and offers me permission to indulge in happiness.
— Lindi. age 40
Rather than being like most magazines and a vehicle for sending calculated messages to us from advertisers, The Perpetual You is a virtual oasis and a safe spot to land for your innermost self. It’s created by and for women to nurture and celebrate our essential selves and it’s the one thing online I can read end to end each month and feel stronger, more supported and grounded in who I already am.
— Christi, age 50
I have been privileged to know lee lee for several years. I was eating lunch with her when she shared the idea to start this unique online magazine for women, so I could see and hear her passion and energy for this new and exciting endeavor. Over the past year, I have seen her turn that passion and energy into this gorgeous, inspiring magazine that connects women from all walks of life. I am impressed with the way she has thrown herself and her endless creativity into this project. She has sacrificed so much to The Perpetual You; it’s the least I can do as her friend to support her and the magazine.
— Katie, age 40