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To further our mission of spreading positivity + love to women everywhere, The Perpetual You will be going to print in August of 2017.

You can purchase an individual subscription one of two ways:

  • Pay by the Month ($20/issue): You'll need to purchase each issue separately. There is no automatic renewal option, so remembering to purchase will be up to you! Choose pay-by-the-month under FREQUENCY and the month you wish to receive under MONTH(S) DESIRED.
  • Pay by the Series ($72/issue): You'll only need to purchase the magazine one time every series (4 months), and will save a few bucks in the process! Though there's no automatic renewal option, we'll send you a reminder when the next series is available for purchase! Choose pay-by-the-series under FREQUENCY and the series you wish to receive under MONTH(S) DESIRED.

Regardless of the way you choose to purchase the magazine, the following perks* are included with your subscription:

  • copy of the magazine
  • mantra wallpaper download
  • mention on our “supporters” page on our website
  • friends & family discount codes for TPY Marketplace
  • the chance to be a Perspectives Panelist in our upcoming series
  • a shout-out on our Twitter feed

*If you are looking for a few more perks, check out our creative professional subscription instead.

We are EXTREMELY GRATEFUL for your support, however it makes sense for you! Consider this a virtual hug. <3

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Get excited! Here's what you can expect to read about in our Series 7 issues!

August 2017: Create Ease by Choosing Optimism

September 2017: Create Wealth by Embracing Transformation

October 2017: Create Fun by Unleashing Curiosity

November 2017: Create Joy by Celebrating Nourishment

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