TPY Retrospective Issue (Print Edition)


TPY Retrospective Issue (Print Edition)

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We are excited to announce our first ever Retrospective Issue! After three years of publishing, we decided it was time to celebrate all that we’ve published, in anticipation of another great year of publishing.

This issue features our publisher and Managing Editor, Lee Lee Thompson, on the cover. Inside, you’ll be able to read all about why she started the magazine and how the magazine has evolved since its inception.

We’ve also invited back many former illustrators, photographers, and calligraphers to be a part of this issue; we’ll be reprinting our most beloved articles and photographs; and we have a few new elements, too—just to keep it fresh & exciting for you.

If you’re curious about our print magazine, this is the perfect issue for you. You’ll see that it holds all the same goodness as our digital edition. And yet, there’s something uniquely remarkable about holding it in your hands!

Note: The digital edition of this issue is now available via $3 purchase through the Issuu platform. We’ve decided to charge for this content in order to pay for another year of publishing, and we appreciate the support from each of you who chooses to purchase it!

>Magazine Cover Photo courtesy of Markie Jones.

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